What is a Ovarian Rejuvenation?

Women (even postmenopausal ones) always have eggs inside their ovaries but a lot (or all) of these eggs are dormant. Ovarian rejuvenation is a newly pioneered procedure intended to re-awake egg maturation and development within the ovary. Rejuvenation Therapy should be used to achieve pregnancy in women with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI).

Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy

1. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections – PRP Injections is a technique where blood is taken from the forearm and centrifuged so the platelet-rich plasma is isolated and then reinjected back into the ovary. It is a minimally invasive vaginal procedure with the aim that PRP would activate your ovarian stem cells to become young eggs.

2. Ozone Sauna – Combining our state-of-the-art ozone sauna with IVF treatment and ovarian rejuvenation could greatly speed up and enhance the overall treatment results. Read more about Ozone sauna for fertility treatment.

If you schedule a consultation with New Hope, you may discuss the various treatment options available to you. Ovarian Rejuvenation is a cutting-edge fertility procedure and as such, is still considered experimental with unknown success rates and outcomes.

Ideal Candidates for Ovarian Rejuvenation Therapy

  • Women with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) [previously called Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)]. Typically younger than 40
  • Women with early peri-menopause
  • Women who have a low ovarian reserve and those with low Anti-Mullerian (AMH) hormone (AMH) levels

Follow-Up After Ovarian Rejuvenation

Following the procedure, patients are monitored weekly for a month with blood test for levels of certain reproductive hormones, including Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Estradiol (E2), and sometimes AMH. A vaginal ultrasound is also performed at the time of the blood test in order to count the number of follicles inside the ovaries.

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