At-HOME IVF is a uniquely designed, internationally patented pending, IVF package that you can pick up from our office or we can mail it to you anywhere in the world. At-HOME IVF is made to assist you to become pregnant via IVF, or for egg freezing, from your own home.

The package includes all the necessary items and medications that are needed for an IVF cycle. The medications inside the kit include oral and vaginal medications as well as nasal spray that will stimulate your ovaries so you can grow more eggs.

Candidates for At-HOME IVF:

  • All women with regular menstrual cycle, regardless of the age
  • Women with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) with irregular menstrual cycle

At-HOME IVF Advantages:

  • Zero injections
  • Zero to minimal blood draws
  • Zero to minimal visits to the
  • IVF center for monitoring
  • You will come to the IVF center ONE TIME only, on the day of your egg retrieval
  • No need to go to a pharmacy to pick up any medications
  • Lower treatment cost
  • No being late or missing work
  • 24/7 assistance from NHFC staff member

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