You’ve taken the first step in your journey toward growing your family. New Hope Fertility Center is glad to be your partner throughout your fertility treatment. You’ll learn that our doctors, nurses and staff are all ready to assist you throughout your treatment. Our team wants to ensure that you feel comfortable and informed throughout your treatment. To accomplish this, you’ll find that this website provides a wealth of information regarding diagnosing and treating fertility issues.


For most people, learning about their own fertility issues is the first encounter they have with fertility treatment. Our blog provides regular updates on fertility issues, coping with fertility and educational posts about fertility treatments. Additionally, our orientation presentation linked below can help you to know what to expect during treatment. The glossary can also be helpful while learning commonly used fertility terms.


Please identify the specific fertility medication that has been prescribed for you. Click the link below to watch a video about how to prepare and administer your fertility medication. Your IVF success will be determined, in part, by your ability to properly take your medication. Please make sure you are taking it on time, the proper way, and with the proper dose. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our office.

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New Hope Fertility Medication Training Videos


Follistim® AQ Cartridge

Ganirelix® Acetate

Gonal-f ® RFF Redi-ject Pen

Gonal-f® RFF 75IU Vial

Menopur® (Using a Q Cap)

Menopur® (Intramuscular injection)


Progesterone In Oil

Novarel®/hCG (Intramuscular injection)

Novarel®/hCG (Subcutaneous injection)

Leuprolide Trigger



Please Watch the entire in vitro orientation video. After you have watched this, please click the thumbs up, so that we know you watched it. This orientation session covers a general overview of IVF as well as detailed steps of what to expect on this journey to parenthood.

When you are finished viewing, PLEASE CONTACT THE NURSING DEPARTMENT FOR ALL THE NECESSARY CONSENT FORMS that you will need to proceed.


Please watch the entire orientation video closely. After you have watched this, please click the thumbs up, so that we know you watched the entire video. After viewing, please download and complete as many of the consent forms as possible PRIOR TO coming in to meet with your genetic counselor. If you are going to complete these forms outside of NHFC, you will need to have them notarized. This will speed up the process and identify any question you may have about the PGS/NGS process.

LAB.101 – Genetic Screening Infographic – Information regarding genetic screening and next generation sequencing testsLAB.102 – Reprogenetics Consents Consents for MULTIPLE SAMPLES to be batch tested (up to 8 samples each time, best for patients with 7 or more samples)

LAB.103 – Genesis Consents Consents for SINGLE


Completing forms prior to your office visit can reduce the amount of time you spend waiting to see your fertility doctor.

Note: You may submit the completed forms to the Front Desk on the day of your scheduled appointment.

Forms: (Click Form Name to download)

Send Completed Forms to:

IOV.101 – Initial Office Visit (IOV) Packet

  • For new patient registration
  • Complete entire packet prior to your initial office visit

IOV.102 – HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices

  • Details HIPAA Privacy Policy of New Hope Fertility Center

IOV.103 – Electronic Consent Form

  • Consent for use of non-secure email communication with New Hope Fertility Center

IOV.104 – Pharmacy Card

  • Please fill out and email this for us to SEND a PRESCRIPTION to your PHARMACY

R1.102 – Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information

  • To request the release of your medical records FROM New Hope Fertility Center

R1.101 – Outside Monitoring Request

  • For outside monitoring patients

R1.103 – Medical Records Release Authorization

  • To request the release of your medical records TO New Hope Fertility Center

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