Cancer is a devastating diagnosis for anyone. Cancer and its treatment (surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy) can cause fertility problems in men, women and children. For women in particular, early menopause and female infertility may be a post-treatment reality. If you may want to become a parent after cancer, your planning should begin now.

New Hope Fertility Center in NYC is dedicated to providing cutting-edge and reliable fertility preservation solutions. We have partnered with The LIVESTRONG Foundation to provide affordable fertility preservation options to qualified women and children living with cancer.


With so much else on your plate, it may seem overwhelming to think about the future, when the present seems so uncertain. Don’t worry, New Hope has your back. It is always important to take an active role in your cancer treatment, and educating yourself about the side-effects and post-treatment life is a great step to positive thinking and your transition to being a cancer survivor. Being pro-active and maintaining a positive, can-do outlook is always recommended.

According to LIVESTRONG, possible causes for infertility in female cancer patients include:

  • Treatment that directly affects the reproductive organs.
  • Surgery that removes the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries.
  • Radiation treatment directed at cancer in the abdomen.
  • For information on how cancer treatments affect fertility, please visit the HTTPS://WWW.LIVESTRONG.ORG.


When you consider fertility preservation, it is critical that you choose the proper fertility center to support you. In fact, not all physicians are equal when it comes to egg freezing and fertility preservation. When selecting a fertility doctor, you probably want someone who is experienced, however, the experience needed for successful egg freezing actually has to do with the lab that your fertility center has.

  • You should only consider fertility centers that do egg freezing with vitrification. Vitrification is a new process of “flash-freezing” your eggs to improve the thaw-survival rate. Older methods produced a lot of ice crystallization, which can damage eggs and lead to miscarriages, implantation failure, and other pregnancy complications.
  • Additionally, you want a center that has local storage, on site, preferably. Some fertility clinics send preserved eggs and sperm all over the country, and the world, for long term storage. Having egg and sperm storage on-site means that the moment you want to try to become pregnant, you can, without having to wait.
  • Choose a fertility doctor with a good track record of success. It isn’t enough to just be good at preserving fertility. To ensure your future happiness, you want to find a fertility center that has a history of successfully thawing eggs and sperm that lead to healthy, live-birth babies. These statistics are publically available and you should ask your center how to find out how many babies have been born from frozen eggs. New Hope has had over 1000 babies born from frozen embryos since their doors first opened!
  • Choose a fertility program that has been preserving fertility 8+ years. The average person who is preserving either eggs or sperm keeps their samples on ice for about 7 years. After 7 years, the IVF process will take a minimum of 1 month (frequently more) and will be followed by 9 months of pregnancy. That adds up to about 8 years from the time you freeze, to the time you have a child. You should only consider fertility centers that have been freezing eggs for at least 8+ years. Anything less than that and you cannot be sure that their results will be what you are counting on.

New Hope Fertility Center helped pioneer modern Egg Freezing with Vitrification and was the first center to offer it in the United States in 2004. With such a long history of preservation and ongoing research into the newest techniques, New Hope is a proud to be an option for pre-treatment LIVESTRONG Fertility patients and regular post-treatment patients.


  • EGG FREEZING– This is the process of retrieving your eggs and freezing them for use after you receive the cancer-free notification from your doctor
  • OVARIAN TISSUE FREEZING– Ovarian Tissue freezing is a state-of-the-art fertility preservation technique. This is the process of preserving part of your ovarian tissue for later maturation or transplant. This is potentially an option for children who don’t have fully developed ovaries.
  • COMPLETE OVARIAN PRESERVATION– Still quite new, the world recently has seen its first baby born from an entire cryopreserved ovary, removed from a child. The ovary was transplanted back when the patient matured and is fully functioning.
  • SPERM FREEZING– Sperm Freezing is the process of extracting and cryopreserving sperm for post-treatment IVF.

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New Hope Fertility Center is proud to announce our participation in the LIVESTRONG Fertility Preservation Discount Program. The LIVESTRONG Fertility Preservation Discount Program works with LIVESTRONG patients and provides them with a discounted rate for their fertility preservation treatment.

Women diagnosed with cancer are eligible if they meet certain treatment and financial criteria. LIVESTRONG accepts patient applications on a rolling basis and works hard to provide a quick review process in consideration of tight treatment timelines. The LIVESTRONG Fertility Preservation Discount Program provides free fertility medications for women in partnership with EMD Serono.

For more information about the patient eligibility criteria, contact HTTPS://WWW.LIVESTRONG.ORG and request New Hope Fertility Center or call 855.220.7777 to start your journey today.

With over a decade of experience, New Hope Fertility Center is the recommended source for fertility preservation. There is no better time to start freezing than right now!

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