New Hope Fertility Center is a leader in freezing eggs. Dr. Zhang is among the best fertility specialists. He was one of the first fertility doctors in the country to use vitrification and the first doctor in the NYC area to have a live birth from egg freezing. New Hope Fertility Center has the only operational donor egg bank in the U.S. using vitrification to freeze eggs.


Vitrification is a flash eggs freezing method that prevents the formation of ice crystals, which can damage the egg, sperm, embryo or ovarian tissue under other conventional freezing techniques.

When eggs are frozen, they are brought from a temperature of 98.6°F (37°C) all the way down to -320°F (-196°C) instantaneously. Vitrification dehydrates the cells prior to egg freezing using protectants to remove as much water as possible (thus preventing harmful ice crystals from forming).

Freezing Eggs Survival Rates

The best egg freezing process, vitrification, has been proven to have a 99% survival rate. In comparison to traditional freezing methods, which have around 55% egg survival rates, flash freezing eggs uses cryoprotectants that help restore the cell to its original form.

Eggs are one of the largest cells in the human body and are comprised of two main parts: the zona pellucida (a glycoprotein envelope) and the ooplasm (the nucleus, containing mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, and the Golgi system). Because they are the largest cells in the body, they are particularly susceptible to damage from ice crystal formation.

This breakthrough in fertility preservation allows women seeking reproductive tissue preservation to bank healthy eggs prior to medical treatments that may affect their fertility.

New Hope Fertility Center is a top fertility clinic that has the only operational donor egg bank in the U.S. using vitrification to freeze eggs.

Egg Freezing Is Recommended for Women from 20 to 30 Y/O

Egg freezing is an option for women who wish to preserve their fertility at an age when their eggs are most viable. We recommend women freeze their eggs in their 20’s or by the age of 35. There is, however, no age limit – it all depends on the woman’s body and if eggs can still be retrieved from her ovaries.

egg freezing process

If you wish to explore an egg freezing option in NYC to preserve your fertility, we invite you to schedule a consultation with a top fertility specialist in NYC Dr. John Zhang.

Finding the Best Egg Freezing Clinic in NYC for You

As women age, they may feel pressured to start a family to avoid the risk of trouble trying to conceive. By egg freezing, NYC women can focus on other areas of their lives without sacrificing the chance to have a family. To have the best success at preserving fertility, it is important to find the best egg freezing clinic in NYC for you.

NYC is a world-renowned hub of medical expertise, which can make the decision to select the best fertility clinic a difficult one. In order to find the facility that is best equipped to handle your needs and a top fertility specialist look for the following:

  • Individualized care – Fertility treatments, including egg freezing, are most effective when they are customized to the specific needs of each patient. Standardized approaches to fertility care often provide more fertility medication that is needed which results in an increased number of side effects and discomfort. A high-quality facility will prescribe only the level of medication necessary, both increasing safety and limiting discomfort.
  • Advanced techniques – The technology that a fertility center uses can significantly impact the success of fertility preservation. Traditionally, eggs are frozen by a slow dunk method that gradually reduces the temperature of the eggs. Unfortunately, this method of freezing can result in the formation of ice crystals which can be detrimental to eggs. Vitrification is a state of the art method of freezing eggs which virtually eliminates the chance of ice crystal formation. The survival rate for the freezing and thawing process with traditional freezing methods is 55 percent. When vitrification is used, the survival rate for freezing and thawing increases to 98 percent.
  • Success rates – Eggs that are frozen for future use will ultimately be transferred back into the woman’s uterus using an IVF protocol. Therefore, it is important to understand a facility’s overall success rates. It is important to select a facility with a track record of success and experience in working with women who are looking to preserve their fertility.

Located in Manhattan, New Hope Fertility Center provides personalized fertility care. By understanding the unique situation each woman faces, New Hope is able to create a treatment specifically tailored to her needs. New Hope’s team has had great success in the field of fertility preservation and storage of eggs and embryos, making it an option among the best egg freezing NYC clinics.


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