Video Testimonials of Our Fertility Center in NYC

Advancements in the field of fertility treatment provide a number of options for men and women with fertility issues. Our fertility care team works with each patient to create a treatment plan that meets the exact needs of each of our patients; that is why we have such a high success rate here at New Hope Fertility. Please take a look at our patients’ video testimonials below.

Fertility Success Stories

My initial IVF journey started at 39. I had multiple IVF failures (5) at three different fertility clinics in NYC. I was given high doses of drugs during these cycles, which I responded to well, meaning I produced many follicles; however, shortly after fertilization most of the embryos would arrest and the ones transferred back in me would have a negative result. At 41, discouraged and feeling hopeless, I came across New Hope and was intrigued by their affordable Mini-IVF™ approach. After I met with my doctor, I immediately felt comfortable and hopeful again. He reviewed my medical records from my previous IVF attempts and designed a different protocol for me. Unlike other clinics, New Hope has a customized regimen for each patient, not a cookie-cutter approach. After a couple of cycles, New Hope found what regimen worked best for me. I was given less drugs, my embryos were frozen and then transferred back during my natural cycle (at 42). My husband and I now have a beautiful baby boy.
I spent years putting off the prospect of preserving my fertility because something in my heart told me the conventional approaches to IVF were not for me. I knew there had to be another option for women besides the aggressive and highly invasive traditional approach, but I didn’t know that option existed until a friend referred me to New Hope. That referral changed my life. The philosophy at New Hope is at the cutting edge of reproductive medicine, and you will not find more brilliant doctors than Dr. Zhang and the doctors who work with him. And the experience of being a patient at New Hope could simply not be better – from the expert nurses, the flawlessly efficient way the center is run, and the caring and consideration shown to each patient throughout every step of the process – I had no idea IVF could be such a profoundly comfortable, ease-filled experience. I successfully froze my eggs at the age of 42. It could not have happened anywhere else. I will always be grateful to New Hope.

At the age of 43, I came in a bit late to the baby making process. I, as with many New York women, was a workaholic for 20 years, and the timing never seemed right to begin having a family. I began the IVF process at a larger NY institution and did two rounds of IVF trying with my own eggs. I had no problem producing eggs, but the quality was never good. On the verge of trying a 3rd round of IVF at the same institution, the protocol was going to be the same, so my gut told me not to continue there. A friend at the wonderful RESOLVE Support Group suggested I try New Hope because of the Mini-IVF™ (customized minimal stimulation IVF protocol) process they do. The idea of obtaining fewer eggs but with better quality was what I needed. On the 2nd Mini-IVF™ cycle we did at NHFC, we also bought 6 donor eggs and fertilized my eggs and donor eggs all at the same time (with my husband’s sperm). Only 1 of my eggs made it to blastocyst and 4 of the donor eggs did as well. We got all 5 PGD tested (thankfully), and came to find out my egg quality was still not good. 2 of the 4 donor embryos were good and 2 were not. So we transferred a 7 day blastocyst which didn’t work, and then transferred the remaining 5 day blast which did work. I’m a very practical person, and I had my bout of sadness that I would never use my DNA to make a baby, but at the end of the day you realize you just want a healthy baby and this was my way of obtaining one. As of January 2014 we have a beautiful healthy baby boy, and I look forward to doing another donor transfer in the near future at New Hope Fertility Center. For women over 40, I highly recommend New Hope Fertility Center for the kind of individualized care that they can provide.

I went to a big fertility center on the UES and did two rounds of IVF. Their criteria however for my infertility was that my egg reserve (AMH?) was considered at the essentially sterile level at 0.1. I was blasted with high doses of medications that yielded some eggs but the quality was lousy and they never made it to day 3 to be transferred. It felt like a factory from the first consultation and I never felt comfortable in this place. I spent more time signing financial paperwork than talking to a doctor. I decided to move to another big academic center downtown and their solution was to increase the dose of hormones as this should yield more eggs. This didn’t seem logical so instead, we scheduled a consultation with Dr Zhang. He told us that he would not use high doses of anything and explained his theory for mini-IVF. I followed his recommendations to the letter as I had a friend who had done this and now has a beautiful daughter and I had a successful implantation on the first try (with a genetically tested normal embryo) and this led to the birth of my son who is now four months old….coincidentally, that friend who referred me was pregnant at the same time with another beautiful daughter thanks to New Hope.

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Zhang, who was the doctor that helped me during my visits. I knew the nurses and techs by name as they were so thoughtful, so thorough and so concerned with my care that they were there not only for reassurance but they knew who I was from my first blood draw. The waiting room was always crowded but my wait-time was always short and the atmosphere was pleasant. The patients in the waiting room had a respectful air with one another as we all had the same goal. I was also impressed with reliable phone call results when promised from the nurses and embryologists and when I had questions for the doctors, they were available during my visits. I was even impressed that the billing office was fast, efficient and respectful.

I cannot write enough about the wonderful experience I had at New Hope and I plan on going back for a second baby with them as my referring friend has successfully done. The medications did not leave me feeling awful or moody and I was treated as a member of their warm community from my very first visit. I will always be grateful for the way I was treated and for the beautiful child in my arms.

Wishing to have a baby is what many couples look forward to as a way to make the relationship move forward and build a stronger and more solid family that will last forever. That’s what I wished for. But what happens when things go a different way? What happens when life gets in the way or nature gets in the way?

Nature was the problem in my case, since my body was not able to work with me as I moved into that next step of my relationship. All of a sudden, there it is: infertility. It’s not fun when nature decides for you, and what to do when infertility strikes was the biggest question I’ll ever face (at least for that moment).

There was initially lots of stress in trying to figure out where my infertility came from and how to fix it so we could just move forward. Of course, we tried to fix it — as anyone would — in order to have a family. What came with that was months of nerve racking money spending, travels, tests and pain (at least for me — since most of these tests are painful — but you take it as a woman with a mission). The result? The most beautiful thing ever: My seven-pound baby girl.

If you are on the same train, you have two options: have a baby (naturally, via insemination, invitro, adoption, an egg donor, a sperm donor, or a surrogate) or don’t have a baby. We decided to have one, with limits on how to do it (no egg or sperm donor, no surrogate), but open to the idea of adoption, insemination or invitro. It was the best decision, since I was able to get pregnant with my husband’s baby through an IVF procedure! The most important thing for me was to thank God all the time. I’m a big believer that everything and anything happens because he wants it to happen. The clinic that God put in my way — after visiting many clinics and doctors — is New Hope Fertility Center.

Ask with faith and believe. God always has a way to answer.

Good things come to those who wait…

In May of 2008, we got married and immediately started trying to conceive. After 3 years of trying and going to countless fertility doctors I had lost all hope. I started looking into Adoption and loans, etc. I was sitting at my desk at work and googled “IVF”. And there it was, a forum of women talking about this amazing doctor and this amazing clinic. After researching it further I found that there was an office in New York City, and that was only a one hour bus ride for me from New Jersey. I thought this is doable. As soon as I walked into New Hope Fertility I felt completely at home. You guys were so organized, so friendly, and made me feel so comfortable. I didn’t feel like a number like I did at my other fertility clinics I went to. My first meeting was with the nurse and Dr. Zhang, they were both amazing. Nurses were so informative and kind, and walked us through every step. After opting for the Mini-IVF™ treatment, I was elated to find out that we in fact were successful in getting pregnant. Amazingly enough at my 14 week ultrasound with my local OB/GYN I was told I was having a little boy. He was born September 30, 2011. He is the most amazing, smart, kind, loving, and funny little boy. I look at him every day and say how fortunate we are to have him, but also how miraculous it is that we found NHFC and were able to conceive.

When I had my son we decided that when he was one, we would return to NHFC to try and conceive again, since we had two frozen embryos from our Mini-IVF. In October of 2012, we returned to NHFC and one of our embryos was inserted. Again, to my amazement we were successful again, this time with a little girl.

Again, I am still in amazement at how fortunate and blessed we are and we truly owe it all to NHFC. The doctors, the team, etc. are so amazing and are world class. We feel as if we are truly indebted to you guys forever. You made it possible to have our family, and an amazing one at that. For now we still have one frozen embryo left, and we are not quite sure the fate of that one, but in a couple years perhaps we will find out. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our journey with New Hope began in May of 2010. I was 36 at the time and had been trying to get pregnant for 8 months. Prior to this we had been meeting with a fertility doctor at another clinic. After various tests were completed, we were told that I had low ovarian reserve and that we had less than 1% chance of getting pregnant using my own eggs. Obviously we were devastated by this news. With my history of Endometriosis I had expected to have trouble conceiving, but I never imagined being told that it most likely would never happen. The doctor proceeded to tell me that they were willing to try IVF, but only because my insurance would cover it, and that we should strongly consider using donor eggs.

So after some tears and discussions with my husband and family, I did some research on-line and came across New Hope Fertility Center. I read about women who sounded just like me. Even better, when I called and gave my background, I was told by the nurse who screened me that I was even better than their typical patient because I was younger. This was such new, wonderful news to hear!! About a week later, my husband and I had our initial appointment with Dr. Zhang. He reviewed my history as well of our history of trying to conceive. He suggested we try a few cycles of timed intercourse so that he could get to know me and my cycle a little better. Two cycles later we still weren’t pregnant. I asked Dr. Zhang if we could try IVF, which he agreed to.

They started to prep me for IVF immediately – I was put on Clomid and given a few shots of Menopur to help stimulate egg production. I was thrilled when I was told I had six follicles they were hoping to retrieve. On the morning of the retrieval, they were able to retrieve 3 eggs. We were called the following day and told that all 3 had fertilized, and that we were to return to New Hope the following morning for the transfer of the strongest one. So on August 2, 2010 I had an embryo transferred in. I was told to go about my normal activities for the next twelve days but to avoid heavy lifting, swimming, sex and exercise. Well it was a very, long twelve days!! On August 14th, I went for THE blood test…and, amazingly, a few hours later I got the call that I tested positive…I was PREGNANT!!!

Over the next couple of weeks, I went every 2-3 days for bloodwork to confirm that the pregnancy was continuing. Thankfully it was!!! My levels were multiplying nicely and appropriately but I was still very nervous. That is the unfortunate thing with IVF – you know way too many details way too early on!!! On September 8th I had my first sonogram with my regular OBGYN. He showed me what he was looking at – the sac and fetus – and then turned on the volume and we heard a heartbeat!!! It was definitely the most beautiful sound I have ever heard!!! Also, this gave me confidence and reassurance that all was going well and that we had reached a safe point. Thankfully the rest of the pregnancy went on for the most part smoothly and on April 5, 2011 I gave birth to my beautiful, baby girl!!

Now, almost two years later, E is approaching her 2nd birthday. We have been working on getting pregnant again since she was just 6 months old but unfortunately have been unsuccessful so far. The two embryos from the original retrieval did not make it past two days. In addition, we have had some bad luck with retrievals and have miscarried twice. But during all of this, New Hope has been incredible – they have kept me informed every step of the way and have modified my treatment with each new thing that happens and comes our way. We are still very hopeful that we will get pregnant again and can give E a younger sister or brother.

In closing, I would just like to say to any woman reading this to not give up hope. If I had, I would not have found New Hope and I would not have my little miracle. Infertility is not easy. It is not fun or pretty. It wears on you in every way – physically, emotionally and financially. But it works and it is so worth it!! When you are holding your little miracle in your arms, I hope you think of me and say “That girl was sooo right!!” Good luck to you!!

My first pregnancy was almost 10 years ago. At the time, my husband and I decided to wait a few more years to have our second child. We planned to start by the time our first son turned four, but life doesn’t always go according to plan. As time passed and nothing was happening, we decided to just let it go. Life got in the way and I rationalized it by telling myself “this is God’s plan,” which helped me stay grateful and seemingly accept my fate.

My husband supported me in every decision. He also always told me to never give up, so we decided to go see a specialist. I did not know where to start. My regular OBGYN suggested that we get an hCG test to check for any potential tubal blockage, which ended up showing everything was normal. That’s when the frustration set in. Everything seemed to suggest that stress was playing a role, or maybe our timing was just off. I started to think of every worst case scenario and convinced myself to move on.

Just when I was about to give up, I bumped into a coworker who announced that she was expecting her second child. I was ecstatic and very happy for her. She respectfully asked me when I was having another. My heart sank, but I looked her straight in the eye and told her all the trouble we were having trying to conceive. The discussion turned out to be very therapeutic and exactly what I needed to regain my faith. Magically, she mentioned to me that she also experienced issues with secondary infertility. As I listened to her story, I could feel my faith and hope slowly returning, saying to myself “Go for it. Don’t give up. It will happen!” She then advised me to Google Dr. Zhang and New Hope Fertility Center. It would turn out to be the most important discoveries I’ve ever made.

Today, my husband and I are now four months pregnant after just one Mini-IVF™ cycle and a single embryo transfer! Our experience at New Hope was seamless and organized from the initial consult to our fresh embryo transfer. When I arrived for my IOV, I knew what to expect since I’d been on the website, and the receptionist was thorough and clear with her introduction to the clinic. The billing process also went smoothly. There were no surprises or last minute hidden charges. We felt safe and secure knowing the financial aspect was so well taken care of. We didn’t want to stress about cost during such a sensitive time and we felt relieved when we knew exactly what to expect financially. It also helped that I could get to work on time since their first appointment is at 7AM!

I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated the detailed, concise, and clear instructions by the staff of assistants, nurses, and doctors. This put me at ease both physically and mentally during the entire process. Every single procedure, medicine dosage, appointment change and verification was done professionally, promptly, and clearly. None of my questions went unanswered and I never felt like I was left waiting for anything; they always responded to e-mail and clarified anything I was confused about. I also felt and appreciated the special attention. I felt the service was personalized and they really cared. Dr. Zhang always advised on what was best for me and my treatment plan, and thanks to New Hope we’ve been given the chance to give my baby boy a sibling.

New Hope gave me and my husband the hope we needed, and we’re expecting our little one on December 23, 2012. The best gift ever!

Thank you.

MR and JR

My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for about 2 years and were not successful. I consulted my gynecologist about it. After some basic screenings, my doctor did not find anything out of the ordinary and suggested that I see a specialist. During my annual visit, my gynecologist suggested that I research New Hope Fertility Center. We looked at the clinic and decided to schedule our first visit.

My treatment was Mini-IVF™. Though it was time-consuming with many clinic visits and blood tests, the treatment went very smoothly. The doctors and medical staff at New Hope were all very friendly, helpful, and willing to answer any questions we had. I felt relaxed throughout the whole process. My husband and I were lucky that I could get pregnant after our first try. Our healthy baby girl was born in February, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.

We are a young, active, healthy couple who dreamed of starting a family. Like many people, my husband and I anticipated we would become pregnant in a few short months and have a baby in our lives very soon; however, things did not go as planned.

After 8 unsuccessful months of trying to get pregnant, we consulted a local doctor. We had several tests done and even took some oral medications to help with infertility. After 4 more unsuccessful months, we had an IUI procedure in Kansas City that was also unsuccessful. We were both upset, and our year of trying was turning out to be an emotional experience.

We knew we needed IVF with ICSI to give us the best chance at becoming pregnant. We wanted to receive treatment at a clinic that had a great record of taking on difficult infertility cases and helping couples fulfill their dream of pregnancy.

We searched online and found New Hope Fertility Center in New York. After researching their treatment plans and success rates, it was an easy decision for us even though we were from out of state. We traveled all the way from the Midwest to New York City, where we experienced kindness, amazing care, intelligent physicians, and best of all, came home pregnant!

We were blessed to become pregnant after just one attempt at IVF and a single embryo transfer. Our pregnancy was wonderful and uneventful. Our beautiful baby boy (with the most hair you have ever seen on a baby) arrived 1 week early weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and was 21 inches long. Our experience with New Hope was truly wonderful! The staff is amazing, and their skills cannot be duplicated! We cannot thank New Hope Fertility Center enough for helping our dreams come true and plan on returning when it is time for baby number 2!

My experience at New Hope Fertility Center was a wonderful one. If it was not for them I would not be holding my baby boy right now, who was born in April.

New Hope was the answer to me and my husband’s prayers after trying to conceive for nearly three years. We stumbled across an article about New Hope in a magazine from another fertility clinic. After seeing it, I spoke with my husband and we decided to take the risk and drive from Delaware all the way to New Hope Fertility Center in New York.

The staff there was very friendly and helpful. Never once did they make me or my husband feel uncomfortable, which let me tell you, makes a world of difference when you travel to an unknown place and do something that you have never done before.

In the end, all the discomfort and worry that developed along the way went out the window the day I saw my boy’s baby blues staring back up at me.

My husband and I were extremely blessed to find New Hope Fertility Center, which my friend recommended since she had a fantastic experience there. I walked into the clinic in February of 2011 (midway through my menstrual cycle) and found out I was pregnant in April of 2011. I could not believe it. Prior to coming to New Hope Fertility Center, I was at the fertility clinic I went to for my primary infertility issues for months and felt like I never knew what was going on. New Hope and their team, on the other hand, are true fertility treatment experts.

The doctors and nurses at New Hope are extremely knowledgeable and caring. They are also very upfront about the IVF process and IVF procedure. I always felt like we were working toward the same goal. They were very good at walking us step by step through our plan to achieve a successful pregnancy. I never had that at the other clinic. They were true partners! As I went through the procedures,the doctor was gentle and extremely caring. I always felt like we had hope and were continuously being educated on our fertility treatment. The doctor and his staff, everyone from the nurses to my fertility care coordinator, were especially awesome!

When we found out I was pregnant the team at New Hope was so happy for us. I remember when we saw the little heartbeat on the screen – it felt like all the staff were truly happy and celebrating with us. I have no words to describe the place. It just works. I had a great experience and was sad that they could not be with me through the entire pregnancy!

I started seeing Dr. Zhang for IVF treatments when I was newly married at age 37. I had already experienced several miscarriages and work-ups done on me could not point to any particular problem.

At age 39, I was diagnosed with a small, but aggressive, form of breast cancer. We were devastated. I underwent surgery to remove the lesion, followed by debilitating chemotherapy and radiation. I also removed an ovary to try to shield it from the harmful effects of chemo (which can destroy fertility). I also went through physical therapy to regain the use of my arm on the treated side of my body. During this time, we investigated surrogacy since we had several embryos frozen. We hired a surrogate who became pregnant with our child. Unfortunately, her pregnancy did not last either.

Finally, we turned to adoption, believing I would never be able to have a child myself considering I just entered menopause. After spending thousands on advertisements for adoption and lawyer fees, we finally found a couple who was serious about adoption. We adopted a beautiful little girl at birth.

Surprisingly, my ovarian function began to return, so we tried again to have a child via IVF. It did not work for several months and we almost gave up again. Then, on one cycle when my FSH was pretty high, I got pregnant! I was 41. We prepared ourselves for a possible miscarriage since that had been our previous experience, but to our surprise, the IVF treatment worked!

At 42, we’ve welcomed another little girl to be a sister to our first child thanks to New Hope Fertility Center, and we can’t thank them enough!

My husband and I live in Arizona, so it was a true commitment when choosing a fertility clinic in New York City. From the very first time we walked in the doors of New Hope Fertility Center on Park Avenue, I knew we had chosen the right place to get pregnant. We were greeted with a comfortable waiting area decorated in fresh flowers and a big flat screen to keep us busy as we waited, which was never long at all considering the waiting room was always full.

The New Hope Fertility Center team also eased the nerves that often accompanied us with every visit. Dr. Zhang is pleasant and extremely brilliant, and after our first consult with him, my husband and I were very pleased. He took the time to answer any and all questions we had for him despite being the busiest man in the clinic!

The other members of the New Hope team were also extremely helpful; everyone from Jessica, who assisted with everything before my trip to New York and continues with follow-ups, to the receptionist at the front desk, who always wore a smile on her face and pointed us in the right direction. The nurses, sonogram technicians, and medical assistants were all very friendly, too, and we never had any problems.

I have nothing but praise for my doctor, who performed my egg retrieval and transfer during our Natural Cycle IVF treatment. He was knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient. After quite a different experience in Arizona, it was refreshing to have such an amicable and patient staff on our side throughout our experience. We now have a healthy and happy baby girl, and credit New Hope Fertility Center and their staff for helping us achieve our dream of having a family. I sincerely recommend them for anyone’s fertility treatment needs!

The best day of my life was when my twins were born. My husband and I were trying to have a baby for five years before going to New Hope Fertility Center. I was a bit intimidated by the IVF process, but New Hope made my husband and me very comfortable from day one.

The amazing New Hope team really took the time to thoroughly explain each step and answered any questions we had throughout our pregnancy journey. The staff really made our experience with the IVF process comfortable, always patient and always available to explain anything we wanted to know.

The whole IVF process went smoothly and I got pregnant after my first IVF cycle at New Hope. For anyone thinking about fertility care, I urge you to check out New Hope Fertility Center; they truly changed our lives! Our twins have brought so much love and joy to our family, and when we decide to try for a second child, we plan on going back to New Hope.

My experience with New Hope was encouraging, respectful, relatively affordable and aptly “hopeful” from the very beginning. I gave birth to my first child at the “advanced maternal age” of 39 – a term New Hope, to their credit, never employed! William was conceived naturally and born after 36 hours of labor and a caesarean section in 2008. He was a healthy baby, but developed a strange rash around his eyes at about 8 weeks of age. After visiting several pediatricians and finally a special dermatologist, it was determined that he had Neo-natal Lupus – a rare condition whereby the mother passes on autoimmune antibodies to the fetus. It can result in a benign butterfly rash on the infant or, more seriously, in a partial or complete heart block. This normally occurs in utero, but we decided to take William to a pediatric cardiologist for an electrocardiogram, just in case. Fortunately his heart was functioning perfectly and the rash cleared at around six months of age, when my antibodies dissipated from William’s bloodstream.

Prior to William’s birth I had no indication of an autoimmune disease, but after engaging a rheumatologist and undergoing several blood tests it was determined that I have Sjogren’s Syndrome – a condition that affects one’s mucus membranes and can cause rheumatoid conditions, and occasionally organ damage. I am relatively asymptomatic most days, with dry eyes and slightly arthritic ankles, wrists and fingers during times when my body/mind is out of balance. However, the discovery of this condition meant that future pregnancies could be complicated by a heart block, which can occur any time from 16 weeks to 36 weeks. The pregnancy would have to be carefully monitored with fetal electrocardiograms performed weekly throughout. If a heart block is discovered, steroids can be administered to the mother in an effort to mitigate the condition. Failing that, a pacemaker can be installed in utero. However, fetal death is unfortunately a likely reality. Because William developed the neo-natal lupus rash, our second child was statistically more inclined to develop heart block.

Despite this risk, my husband and I decided to try to have another child. Two years and three miscarriages later – one of which was at 18 weeks gestation – we decided to seek help. Our primary objective was to avoid future miscarriages. We approached a well-known clinic in Connecticut which counseled us to go through IVF in order to garner enough embryos to subject to Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) testing, which was originally developed to screen for specific genetic diseases – but is now also used to screen an embryo’s chromosomes for abnormalities that could lead to miscarriage.

This clinic’s approach to IVF was very aggressive in terms of the fertility drugs administered and anesthesia used when the eggs were retrieved. My body rebelled against this onslaught of hormones and medication with its usual autoimmune response – as well as a general feeling of ill health. I underwent two cycles of IVF with this clinic – which produced a quantity of blastocysts, but no decisively “normal” embryos (the results of several returned indeterminate, for whatever reason). After this disappointing and very expensive exercise I decided to visit my naturopath, Dr. Jeanne Fuqua N.D. for acupuncture and supplements to support my reproductive system and urge my body back into a semblance of balance while we decided what to do next. She suggested that we try New Hope as several of her clients had had success with their unique and less-invasive approach.

My husband and I arranged a consultation with the doctor straight away. He grasped our situation immediately – intelligently and creatively thinking “outside the box” when designing a protocol for me to follow. Taking all factors into account, he felt that my miscarriages were “unexplained” – I was producing a good quantity of quality blastocysts which indicates that my egg supply was healthy, but miscarrying nonetheless. While New Hope was not in the practice of using PGD to prevent miscarriage, the doctor supported the procedure in my case.

We planned to undergo three rounds of fertility treatments, using external monitoring, after which we hoped we would have enough embryos to send for PGD testing. The experience was vastly different from the clinic we had used previously. The protocol coincided with my natural cycle and used the fewest drugs possible to produce the desired result. The egg retrieval was equally distinctive in that no anesthesia was used. New Hope has developed a catheter so fine that it can be utilized with minimal discomfort to the patient. Although I had several eggs to extract each cycle, the degree of pain I experienced was manageable. The Valium administered prior to the procedure, while reclining in a comfortable chair watching the Food Channel was helpful, as was the treatment room – which was darkened, with calming music softly playing. There was a screen on which I could view each egg being extracted, but I preferred to shut my eyes and concentrate on my breath. The doctor instructed me when to inhale, hold my breath and exhale during each extraction, which was a useful technique for pain management.

Fortunately after three cycles, we had enough blastocyst embryos to send for PGD testing. The wait was anxiety-ridden, but we were delighted to learn that we had produced two healthy embryos. One unfortunately didn’t survive the freeze/thaw process, so we had just one to implant. The results were returned late in the day – but the doctor encouraged us to drive to the city immediately. The implantation was painless (I watched the screen that time) and after the requisite amount of recovery in the comfortable chair enjoying the Food Network, I was free to gingerly make my way by taxi to our hotel. Because this embryo was so precious I naturally did everything possible to keep it in place – lying with my hips on a cushion and my legs up the wall for several hours. This, I was assured, was not necessary – but making that effort made me feel more comfortable and in control.

I am delighted to report that the pregnancy proceeded relatively normally and although “high risk” due to the autoimmune disorder and placenta previa – I successfully delivered Edward three weeks early by cesarean section on December 28th, 2011, at Yale New Haven Hospital. Without New Hope, I do not believe that Edward would have been possible and I owe the New Hope team, and Dr. Fuqua for recommending them, my deepest gratitude. I now encourage anyone I encounter with fertility or miscarriage issues to consider the alternative and successful approach of New Hope – wholeheartedly, enthusiastically and without reservation.

Four years after my first miscarriage, my husband and I decided to try again. We got pregnant almost instantly, but after seven weeks I miscarried again. When I got pregnant on the second try, I once again lost the baby after five months due to an incompetent cervix (when the cervix is weak and begins to open before the baby is ready).

When I had the cerclage surgery to correct my cervix, my OBGYN discovered I had several polyps, which he removed. After two years of trying to get pregnant and going through more early miscarriages, we finally decided to try fertility treatments. I went through several clomid and IUI treatments that also failed. It seemed the only route to take at this point would be IVF, which our insurance didn’t cover and we could certainly not afford.

My desire to have a child only became stronger throughout our struggle. I continued on my search to find a fertility clinic that could help us. Eventually, I came across New Hope Fertility Center. My husband was skeptical at first, but I showed him the research I had done about Dr. Zhang and New Hope’s advanced IVF protocols.

We decided to undergo Conventional IVF treatment. Dr. Zhang was the first doctor we saw, and he was very nice, calm, and patient. Another staff member made our experience even better with her positive and friendly demeanor, which helped to make the procedure comfortable. She was truly great.

No words can explain how grateful we are to New Hope Fertility Center and their team. We were blessed with a baby boy, and I was even able to freeze some embryos produced through my IVF treatment which we plan to use when we conceive our second child through New Hope.

Due to irregular cycles associated with endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I have difficulty getting pregnant. My husband also suffers from a low sperm count and bad quality sperm, which only adds to our trouble conceiving. My husband saw two urologists who both concluded that he could not have a biological child due to his sperm issues. In an effort to help us, my OBGYN performed artificial insemination twice, but we were still unsuccessful. After more than ten years of trying to get pregnant with no luck, we finally decided to seek help from fertility specialists.

I found New Hope Fertility Center through my insurance company and made an appointment. I decided that I wanted to get more information about this particular fertility clinic, so I visited their website. Upon discovering New Hope Fertility Center, we quickly did all the blood tests and went in for our visit.

I got very familiar with New Hope since I had to be there several times a week. When we first walked into the center, we were welcomed with relaxing scents, fresh flower arrangements, and a gorgeous fish tank. As we waited, we were guided to watch the flat screen and could even grab a snack by the receptionist or talk to one of the staffers.

Before beginning my IVF treatment, the doctor told me I had to lose 25 pounds and get healthy. This wasn’t easy, but I got it done. We did start the Mini-IVF™ treatment, which meant less medication. I responded well to the medication, but when it was time for retrieval I had a business trip and had to postpone. I had to start my cycle all over again which resulted in several cysts, so we took time off to give my body a break.

The entire IVF process took six months from our first visit to our positive pregnancy test. It was not an easy journey. At times, it was emotionally and physically challenging, but it was worth every second, every needle prick, and every visit to the clinic. After implanting a single embryo, we were blessed with two babies – our little miracles! We may even go back to New Hope Fertility Center for another baby in a year or two.

I came to New Hope Fertility Center for IVF treatment because it was my only option due to tubal blockage. Trying to conceive was a long hard battle for me and this was my last hope. After seeing an ad in the newspaper for the New Hope Fertility Center, I thought my prayers were finally being answered.

A day later, I made the call to set up an appointment and got one right away. I had just turned 39 four days prior to my consultation with Dr. Zhang. After sitting down and talking with him, he did not make me feel like my age was an issue at all. Dr. Zhang explained the different IVF options and he chose the one he felt was best for my situation. A week later I was officially a patient and preparing myself for egg retrieval.

I was scared and happy at the same time. Dr. Zhang and the nurses at the center made me feel positive about the outcome of this journey. They explained things well and when I had questions, they gave me answers. My 1st cycle did not take. The doctor said not to worry and that we would try again with a more aggressive approach. For the next cycle, Dr. Zhang wanted to use a 5-day blastocyst, and fortunately, all 3 eggs retrieved successfully made it to that stage. My 2nd cycle failed and by the time of my 3rd cycle, I started getting worried and losing hope. I was determined to be positive and move forward. On my 3rd cycle, I was told there were signs of pregnancy but that it ended in a chemical miscarriage.

Once again, the doctors said we will try again. In my mind, I knew this would be my 4th and final cycle, so if this didn’t work, it would be the end of my journey. Before my 4th transfer, Dr. Zhang performed surgery to ensure that everything was fine with my uterus. Dr. Zhang put me on more aggressive medications. It injections of medication via a needle into my stomach every day while at home. This was hard for me to do, but I did what I had to do.

On my 4th and final cycle, Dr. Zhang was so positive with me during the transfer and talked me through everything that was done. It was something I needed to hear. I went home, kept that positive energy from the center, kept my faith, and just prayed. On a Sunday afternoon in June of 2010, I received the call that I was pregnant. It was the beginning of a miracle and pure joy!

I have nothing but praise for New Hope Fertility Center and I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for me to tell her all that I went through and all that the center did to allow me her. My pregnancy was great and I am extremely happy. I had just turned 40 two months prior to giving birth to my daughter in 2011, she was the best gift ever. Her birth went well and she is perfect. If I could do it again for another little miracle, I would.

To Dr. Zhang and all the incredible doctors at New Hope Fertility Center, please keep doing what you do for women like me who actually do go to your center with the HOPE of being a Mom….it’s the BEST feeling in the world!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In 2001, I became pregnant with my first child. Unfortunately, the timing was not right. The man I was with was much older with several children already, and he convinced me to have an abortion.

When we went to the clinic, the nurse explained that we could not go through with the procedure because it was too early; she couldn’t see anything in my uterus when she conducted the ultrasound.

The very next day I ended up in the emergency room with severe cramping and bleeding. I was having a miscarriage. After another day of pain and a return visit to the emergency room, the doctors discovered I was having an ectopic pregnancy. The baby had started developing in my right tube, which had to be removed, along with the baby.

In 2006, my current husband and I started trying to get pregnant. We were having difficulty at first, but I finally became pregnant a year later. To our dismay, the pregnancy ended up developing in my remaining left tube. Once again, I had to go through the emotionally and physically painful experience of having another miscarriage due to a tubal pregnancy. Both the baby and my left tube had to be removed. We were devastated, but our faith to have a family continued to guide us.

After my second miscarriage, we began to look into in vitro fertilization as an option. The costs associated with the procedure were discouraging; I found most medication regimens and IVF procedures to be way out of our price range, costing anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000. Then I stumbled across New Hope Fertility Center.

My husband and I were thrilled to start the conventional IVF treatment. The staff who helped us throughout our journey were extremely supportive the entire time. When my first two IVF cycles were canceled and I experienced yet another miscarriage after my third cycle, the New Hope team never spoke a discouraging word and continued to encourage us as we decided to keep trying. We always felt the New Hope Fertility Center staff was truly dedicated to helping us conceive.

We finally got pregnant in 2010 and gave birth to twins – a beautiful boy and girl – in 2011, after over a year with IVF and New Hope. I continue to believe without my husband, our faith, and the New Hope Fertility Center team, our dream of having a family would not have been possible. New Hope never gave up on us, and I continue to recommend the fertility center to my friends who have trouble conceiving.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years when we found New Hope Fertility Center. We had attempted 3 IUI’s and were unsuccessful. We were told by our local RE (reproductive endocrinologist) that IVF was probably our only chance to conceive; however, like many infertile couples, we were unable to afford the procedure. In researching our options online, I came across New Hope’s site and discovered ” their Mini-IVF™ treatment”. It was quite a commitment for us, as we lived in Western PA, and drove 300 miles each way for each appointment.

From the beginning, I was told that mine would likely not be an easy case; I have only one ovary – one was removed due to a large cyst – so I would only be producing 1/2 the typical number of eggs during treatment. I was excited to discover that 5 eggs had been retrieved during my egg retrieval procedure, and even more excited to find that all five eggs had fertilized; however, only one embryo survived and made it to the blastocyst stage.

At this point, I was devastated. I knew we now only had one chance of achieving a pregnancy. To complicate matters, I was told that due to my hormone levels, this was not an “ideal cycle” to implant our lone embryo; but per the treatment protocol, I could not wait for another cycle and had to proceed with the transfer at that time. The transfer took place in February 2010 and eight days later, I received the news that I was pregnant! Against all odds it had worked! I attribute this to the incredible care and state-of-the-art treatment I received at New Hope Fertility Center. Throughout the entire treatment process, the doctors and staff treated me and my husband with respect and compassion. Every aspect of the care we received was explained to us and everyone we came into contact with, from lab techs to office staff to the doctors, helped make us feel comfortable and genuinely cared about during a very stressful time. I had a normal, healthy pregnancy and my healthy 8 lb. 13 oz. son was born on October 21, 2010. He is now a happy 5 month old and is an absolute joy. He has hit every developmental milestone early and is absolutely thriving.

If it were not for the talented doctors and staff at New Hope, my beautiful son would not be here today. For this, I am beyond grateful and would highly recommend New Hope Fertility Center to anyone needing help to conceive. My experience with New Hope has truly been a blessing.

My journey to motherhood started almost immediately after my husband and I were married in 2006. We tried to conceive on our own for over a year with no success. I then contacted my local fertility clinic. Over the following two years we underwent many tests and a number of infertility treatments, none were successful. We did Clomid with timed intercourse, Clomid with IUI’s, and a few cycles of injections with IUI’s. Emotionally and financially drained, we took a break from treatments to consider what would be the next step to starting our family.

New Hope was accommodating of me and my husband’s schedules. They allowed us to schedule our initial consultation at the end of the school year since we are both educators. Our visit with the trial coordinator was very informative. We went through the entire process in detail and answered all of our questions. Three weeks later, I made the move to New York City to stay with my cousin. Upon my return, I started the conventional IVF treatment. I began taking Lupron for suppression, Menopur, and Bravelle for follicle development, HCG for ovulation, and progesterone in oil after retrieval. Although the clinic was busy, I always had my questions answered and knew exactly what to do until my next appointment. I felt secure in knowing that even though I did not see my doctor at every single visit, I knew the New Hope team was working together to plan a treatment that would make this cycle successful.

My treatment was going smoothly until 2 days after my fresh transfer. Although I only had 8 follicles develop, it was enough to experience mild OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome), which they warned me might happen as I underwent conventional IVF. New Hope was amazing during this tough week. When the staff saw my discomfort, they immediately brought me up to the procedure waiting room and did all they could to make me comfortable until the doctor could relieve the pressure. I considered this week the best and worst of the entire experience, because as sick as I was, I found out I was pregnant for the first time in my life. It was all worth it.

New Hope Fertility Center is on the cutting edge of fertility treatments. Thanks to New Hope, my husband and I have started our family with the welcoming of our son. We look forward to expanding our family in the future with the help of New Hope Fertility Center.

Over 15,000 New Hope Babies born since 2006!