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We offer affordable donor packages, world class donor and recipient support, the most cutting-edge technologies, and, most importantly, an extremely successful donor IVF program.

According to the latest SART statistics, our live birth rate using thawed donor embryos was 64.2%. This percentage is much higher than any other tristate program using frozen eggs and embryos and is largely due to our mastery over vitrification techniques.

Moreover, our minimal stimulation protocols and careful monitoring help our patients produce higher quality embryos requiring less transfers, safer (single embryo) transfers, and thus a lower twin pregnancy rate.

Our unique egg donor recipients program allows individuals to pick from donors who have already donated to our large egg bank. This means that when you choose a donor, the eggs are already available — no wading through countless donor profiles to find a donor who is “available” and then waiting for them to cycle. Additionally, rather than leaving choices up to a reproductive center, YOU select the donor using current, adult pictures, extensive medical information and personality attributes. All donors are carefully screened medically and psychologically.

If you want high quality donors you can select to resemble yourself… if you want the highest success rate in the tristate area… and if you want the safest and least expensive program, New Hope Fertility Center is for you.

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