Minimal Stimulation IVF, a revolutionized, refined protocol that concentrates on quality rather than quantity.  Results compare to that of Conventional IVF, just with less harsh medication.

What is Mini IVF?

Mini IVF is our trademarked minimal stimulation in vitro fertility treatment that offers a holistic approach and a gentle alternative to Conventional IVF. Mini IVF uses a minimal amount of oral medication and injections to stimulate the ovaries so they produce the maximum number of “quality” eggs in a single cycle.

Unlike other forms of traditional IVF, MINI IVF puts the focus on less medication and nearly eliminates the need for injections resulting in a less painful, less stressful, and less invasive treatment overall. This combination creates a more balanced, healthier approach to infertility treatment while stimulating the ovaries to produce the maximum amount of high-quality eggs in a single cycle. New Hope’s Mini IVF protocol has proven to be as successful as the standard IVF treatment, leading to many successful pregnancies since 2004.

Mini IVF Protocol

The Mini IVF protocol aims to stimulate a woman’s body into producing between 6-8 quality eggs per cycle. Rather than using large amounts of fertility medication to stimulate a woman’s ovulation, Mini IVF protocols limit the amount of medication used. With Mini IVF, a woman’s body is gently stimulated to produce a small number of high-quality eggs. Medication is limited to oral fertility drugs and injections of fertility medication. The resulting eggs are retrieved surgically, fertilized with sperm in a laboratory setting – in vitro – and monitored for quality. The healthiest embryo is then transferred to the woman’s uterus for implantation.

Why Mini IVF?

Low Ovarian Reserve:

Women diagnosed with low ovarian reserve can benefit from taking less medication. With Mini IVF, the medications needed are mostly oral and are more affordable than the medication needed for Conventional IVF.


Blocked or Damaged Fallopian Tubes:

Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes prevent women from getting pregnant naturally. Although pregnancy is possible, your fertility may decrease with damaged, one or no fallopian tubes. If that is the case, you will be the perfect candidate for Mini IVF treatment. Through Mini IVF, we collect the egg from the ovary, fertilizing it with sperm, and then place the fertilized egg in the uterus to grow.

Pioneers of Mini IVF

New Hope Fertility Center has spent over 17 years trying to perfect the Mini IVF protocol. After years of research and constant improvement, we have managed to provide a Mini IVF that is both gentle and accessible. We have changed the fertility industry by providing an IVF treatment that doesn’t strain our patients’ bodies and focuses on quality over quantity.

Mini IVF vs. Conventional IVF

The main difference between Conventional IVF and Mini IVF is the amount of injectable medication that is needed for ovarian stimulation. Mini IVF stimulates egg growth with oral medication and minor injections, whereas Conventional IVF requires daily injections with high dosage. Mini IVF produces fewer eggs but it ultimately focuses on quality over quantity. Despite their minor differences, their results are comparable.

Mini IVF Cost

Mini IVF has proved to be more affordable than other IVF procedures since the cost of medication is not as high. At New Hope Fertility Center, our price for Mini IVF is less than other clinics from New York City to the West Coast. The ability to provide patients with the best possible medical care will always be our driving force, but how we do that is beginning to look and feel remarkably different.


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