Natural IVF


A Natural IVF procedure is a more economical in vitro fertilization procedure that does not require fertility medication. A patient’s cycle is closely monitored in an effort to harvest her egg at an ideal time.

All patients at New Hope Fertility NYC receive customized In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) care. Customized IVF care is the development of a treatment plan specific to the individual needs of each patient. Whenever possible, our fertility treatments include natural IVF approaches. Our Natural Cycle IVF™ and Mini-IVF™ protocols are proven to be safe and successful. Like Mini-IVF™, Natural Cycle IVF™ is a gentle alternative form of IVF that is holistic and lowers health risks associated with Conventional IVF. Natural Cycle IVF™ also allows you to avoid the high costs associated with fertility drugs and avoid the discomfort of daily fertility drug injections.


Here at the New Hope fertility clinic in NYC, we see many patients who have been turned away by other fertility centers because of age, difficulty of the case, or many other reasons. Some fertility centers are concerned with national success rankings, and as such will reject potential patients who they deem as difficult to get pregnant. As poor responders to treatment, these patients may have even been told they could never conceive. Every time we have pregnancy success with patients previously diagnosed as having a low-to-no chance of conceiving, we reaffirm our belief that all it takes is one good egg to overcome female infertility.

Prime candidates for Natural Cycle IVF™ encompass women who:

  • Have high follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels
  • Who are at a high risk for developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)
  • Are unable to produce a large number of eggs during a single cycle
  • Do not respond well to fertility medications
  • Are at an advanced maternal age for fertility (over 35)
  • Are able to ovulate and do not want to use fertility medication
  • Do not want to absorb the expense of fertility medications
  • Do not want to produce multiple embryos for religious or ethical reasons

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One Good Egg Policy

Our One Good Egg Policy: We focus on the quality of a woman’s egg – not the quantity of eggs she is able to produce.

The Natural Cycle IVF™ protocol doesn’t adhere to the idea that multiple eggs and embryos equal a higher chance for pregnancy success. The one good egg a woman produces naturally each month is harvested for fertilization in vitro and transferred to her uterus for implantation. The doctors at New Hope Fertility NYC believe that a woman’s naturally produced egg is usually the best quality and likeliest to result in a successful pregnancy.

  • A woman’s natural egg production will be monitored through regular blood tests and ultrasounds
  • When her egg has reached a mature state, ovulation will be induced
  • She will undergo egg retrieval via outpatient surgery
  • Egg fertilization and embryo development will take place in a controlled laboratory setting
  • When the embryo reaches a quality stage it will be transferred into the woman’s uterus via a thin catheter – similar to a Pap smear procedure
  • Progesterone vaginal suppositories will be self-administered by the patient to prepare her uterine lining for the embryo’s implantation
  • A pregnancy test date will be scheduled

Natural IVF and Conventional IVF Comparison:

Natural Fertility
Holistic Fertility

Natural Cycle IVF™ Pregnancy Success

By treating each of our patients as individuals, we are able to create treatment plans addressing their specific medical and personal needs. Our Natural Cycle IVF™ treatment plan allows for pregnancy without the use of large quantities of fertility medication. We believe that every woman should have access to fertility care to help her achieve her dream of motherhood. Our One Good Egg Policy reminds us all that the quality of a woman’s egg is what matters most. It only takes one good egg to make a healthy baby!


What is the difference between Natural IVF and Mini IVF?

At New Hope Fertility Center, we have a unique approach to fertility that works with your natural cycle.


Where to find the best center for a natural IVF cycle?

Fertility medication to stimulate a woman’s egg production is traditionally administered as a part of IVF.


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