Change is in the air. Whether by our own internal push or through a collective global upheaval, life as we know it is evolving. Technology, innovation, and imagination are all necessary tools as we shift our reality for the better. As we reimagine what healthcare looks like in the 21st century and what our patients need, we are excited to accept this mission and move beyond the status quo, beyond the conventional, and “Beyond Medicine.” The ability to provide patients with the best possible medical care will always be our driving force, our raison d’etre, but how we do that is beginning to look and feel remarkably different.

As leaders and innovators of infertility treatment, we took a bold step forward in 2004 with MINI IVF, a protocol that turned traditional IVF treatment on its head. As we lead the way once again in a brand new decade, the introduction of AT HOME IVF addresses fertility patients’ demands for a private, accessible, less invasive form of infertility treatment in the most convenient, balanced way possible.

The Future of Fertility is not only in our hands but in the hands of our patients as we move forward together, beyond the expected and “Beyond Medicine.”