This was the week America realized the true extent of the coronavirus health crisis that is sweeping the globe, impacting everybody’s lives. In New York, gyms, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, and schools have shut down. Many businesses are closed, including many fertility centers, but New Hope Fertility Center is open and welcomes patients who are eager to start or grow a family.

New Hope has always been careful to maintain proper precautions against infectious diseases, but in the current environment, we have implemented strict guidelines to protect our patients and employees from novel coronavirus, including scrupulous hand-washing, hand sanitizer in stands and on desks, masks for all employees, and constant disinfecting of all surfaces. We have also encouraged any non-medical personnel who can work from home to do so, to minimize contact.

At this time, hospitals are closing their affiliated fertility practices, because they need to maximize room for acutely ill patients. New Hope is devoted solely to fertility treatment, and therefore we can remain open. If you are 30, 35 or especially, over 39 years old, you may be concerned that the pandemic will steal away your best chance to retrieve and fertilize your healthy eggs. Call us for more information. You will find that this is actually your best opportunity.