Despite the obstacles of these challenging times, New Hope Fertility Center is open and working at full capacity. Our medical professionals have extensive experience with hygienic health and safety precautions. Many of the precautions that others are now scrambling to implement, New Hope Fertility has been practicing for years. We have always insisted that our staff employ frequent and thorough hand washing. We have always had a supply of hand sanitizing liquid available for all employees and our patients. We have always practiced this way because the health, safety and welfare of you, our patient, is of paramount importance to us. Our dedicated housekeeping staff routinely sanitize the elevator buttons, as well as our reception and patient areas, and offer Purell hand sanitizer to each guest leaving the elevator into our offices. While other fertility centers have closed their doors due to their inability to keep up with the challenges of the coronavirus, New Hope Fertility has always been ahead of the curve employing state-of-the-art precautions to provide our patients with the most sanitary, hygienic and safest conditions available to provide for all of your fertility needs. New Hope Fertility Center will remain open and available to all of our patients in the tri-state area. We appreciate the trust that our patients place in us and we will do whatever it takes to justify that trust. We look forward to seeing you at New Hope Fertility Center where Hope Finds A Way!