Your NHFC family hopes that this brief update finds you in good health and spirit. We want you to know that we remain here and available for your needs. We remain vigilant as this crisis evolves. Our medical professionals have frequent conferences to evaluate and discuss the most recent guidelines and recommendations from the various scientific and governmental agencies, including the CDC, ASRM, ACOG and SMFM. NHFC has always followed stringent hygiene guidelines and in January 2020 we implemented an even more rigid program for the protection of our patients and our staff.

Our decision to remain open for you was not taken lightly. As a team, we carefully considered all of the available, credible, scientific evidence, all of the available guidelines and the needs of our patient population. We fully recognize and appreciate the urgency that many of our patients feel in pursuing their journey to a healthy family and we are committed to making that journey with you. For many of our patients, time is the enemy. Your medical care is time sensitive. We will not allow these challenging circumstances to deprive you of that valuable time.

We are aware that each person’s situation is different and we strive to provide safe, efficacious and effective options for everyone. For those of you who feel that your treatment is urgent, due to time or other professional or social constraints, we remain here as always, every day of the year. We have tightened all of our already strict hygiene controls. Our diligent housekeeping staff sanitizes the elevator buttons frequently. When you get off the elevator at our 4 Columbus Circle offices, you will be greeted by a member of our housekeeping staff who will direct you to the Purell station before you proceed to one of our three large waiting areas. Seats are conveniently marked so that our patients can maintain a safe social distance while waiting to be seen. We have staggered our monitoring hours to avoid having too many patients at the same time.

Significantly, New Hope Fertility is a free-standing fertility center. Every patient coming to our building is here for the same purpose. Our operating rooms service only fertility procedures. We ask you, unless advised otherwise, to come to our offices unaccompanied. If you have been exposed to the Coronavirus or believe that you have symptoms consistent with the virus, we ask you to stay home and delay your fertility treatment to a later date. We firmly believe that reproductive decisions should be yours. Our medical professionals are here to provide you with all available information to assist you in making an educated and informed decision.

We offer all of our patients teleconferencing for your convenience. We are also the only fertility center to offer the NHFC At-Home Fertility package. This comprehensive fertility kit contains everything that you will need to avoid multiple trips to our office and to the pharmacy. If you are interested in At-Home IVF, please contact us.

New Hope Fertility Center respects your health, your safety, your privacy and most of all, your right to make your own reproductive decisions. We are up to any challenge these disruptive times throw at us. When faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, we know that Hope Finds A Way.