When it comes to considering fertility preservation methods, one main community that can benefit from egg and sperm freezing is the LGBTQ community, especially transgender patients. Why is this?

Why Fertility Preservation is important to consider before transitioning

Fertility may not seem like an important issue when you’re transitioning. Understandably, the idea of having children may not seem like a priority until later into life. But for many transgender individuals, having a biological child is a very large concern.

We’re committed to helping people who are transgender have biological children if they decide to in the future. Because of this it is important that every individual should have the information they need to make the best decision for themselves and their future.

How hormone replacement therapy affects fertility long-term:

The hormones you take during your transition may make it impossible for you to have biological children in the future. Common procedures like orchiectomies (removing your testicles) or the removal of the ovaries and uterus cause fertility problems for many.

The below hormones common in the transitional period can affect sperm and egg production –

  • estrogen
  • progesterone
  • spironolactone
  • flutamide
  • finasteride
  • other anti-androgens

Transgender Pregnancies and Transitioning

Fertility experts strongly recommend that you explore pregnancy options before transitioning. This is because you would need to temporarily stop or delay the hormone therapy needed for transitioning to conceive either naturally or through IVF. This can be hard for many patients that have already begun the transition process because it can push back their timeline as well as reverse progress already made which can be triggering. Because of this, your doctor may suggest fertility reservation options like egg and sperm freezing to preserve your fertility in advance and prepare you for the future!

Sperm Freezing for Trans Women

If you have healthy sperm available, you have the option to freeze one or multiple samples through cryopreservation. Your sample can later be used and be injected directly into a partner or surrogates uterus through ICSI or Conventional IVF. Sperm can stay frozen for many years and has a 99% thaw rate.

Egg Freezing for Trans Men

Egg freezing allows you to preserve unfertilized eggs and/or embryos using a partner or donor sperm. This provides future options for pregnancy with in vitro fertilization using your own eggs. We can safely transfer an embryo into you, your partner, or a surrogate’s uterus.

Why New Hope?

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