What is Embryology?

Embryology can be defined as the study of an embryo from fertilization through its development to the fetus stage. Our trained team of embryologists give careful attention to nurturing embryos as they develop so that healthy embryos (with a high chance of implantation) can be transferred back into the uterus, ultimately giving you the best chance at a healthy pregnancy. While some women may opt to have their embryos transferred fresh (after retrieval and in vitro culturing), our embryologists are also able to culture several embryos for later transfer with Frozen Embryo Transfers, using the best in cryopreservation to keep embryos for an optimal transfer time.

How Embryology Works

In addition, at New Hope Fertility Center, our definition of embryology extends past just taking care of an embryo from the point of fertilization. ICSI and a high magnification microscope allow our embryology team to choose healthy sperm to fertilize your egg, and our advanced methods for assisted hatching and in vitro maturation give your embryos the highest chance for healthy development.

*Note: Our embryology team has experience and access to the Embryoscope discussed below, but we are not currently using the scope clinically. Therefore, the content must be removed.

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