New Hope Fertility Center is dedicated to providing our patients with information and support throughout the treatment process.  Therefore, we offer a number of events to address a range of subjects from fertility treatment to egg freezing.  It is our goal to treat the whole patient.  Our whole-listic approach is uniquely designed to ensure that each of our patient’s mental, emotional and physical needs are met throughout the fertility treatment process. From new patient orientation to support groups, New Hope works to provide all of our patients with the best resources for their fertility journey.

Information Sessions

For many individuals, the world of fertility care is a completely new experience.  Information sessions are provided on a variety of topics so that our patients can be fully informed about their treatment, advancements in the field of fertility care and potential treatment options.

Support Groups

Emotional support is a critical aspect of whole-listic fertility care.  Fertility concerns often are accompanied with a range of emotions, including feeling isolated.  Our ongoing, physician led support groups allow individuals who are in similar situations to openly discuss their feelings and to work together towards healing.

Professional Gatherings

As an industry leader in the field of fertility care, New Hope offers a number of seminars, conferences and other gatherings for fertility professionals.  These events keep the New Hope team informed about the best treatment options, which allows our team to set the industry standard.

A full list of our events may be found below.