Dr. John Zhang is a leading fertility specialist in NYC for pioneering reproductive technologies and one of the few infertility doctors in NY region to offer the latest and most advanced IVF treatments through his experimental studies.

New Hope Fertility Center in New York City strives to be one of the top fertility clinics in the US by bringing together some of the best fertility specialists in the world. Our team is committed to bringing the best of tomorrow’s IVF treatment, today.

Our extensive experience with customized, minimal stimulation IVF treatments and personalized IVF protocols allow us to identify successful IVF treatment options that are suited to your personal medical history. The best infertility clinics in NYC are equipped to offer such customization.

Our New York fertility center ranked above the national average for live birth rates using thawed embryos according to recent SART data. We caution that SART data should not be used alone to determine top fertility clinics in New York.

Forbes lists New Hope Fertility Center as one of the largest fertility centers in the US by cycle volume. Dr. Zhang is recognized as one of New York’s Top Doctors.

NYC fertility specialists and our best infertility doctors are led by Dr. John Zhang. A top fertility doctor in NYC, John Zhang MD has been recognized as a world leader in the more gentle approach to assisted reproductive technology (ART), minimal stimulation IVF (Mini-IVF™) and natural cycle IVF.

Dr. Zhang is an award-winning expert and contributor to prominent media outlets on the latest fertility news.

I am forever grateful to have found New Hope! Dr. Zhang and Dr. Liu were wonderful! After 2 failed expensive traditional Ivf treatments at NYU – where I felt more like cattle than person – thanks to a friend I came to New Hope the top fertility clinic. After Dr Zhang reviewed my chart he told me a mini ivf with less medication (and a fraction of the cost!) was the best route for me. His approach was right on. I felt the doctors (especially kind Dr. Liu) were as invested as I was. The staff and atmosphere were also so much more relaxing than other clinics.
The only thing I would say to future patients, is to remember that you have to be in charge of your cycles and proactive in your care. Despite the wonderful medical care there were a few administrative hiccups (medicines sent to wrong pharmacy, etc) because I was following my cycle so closely I was able to call and have issues straightened out right away.
Overall, I found the staff and doctors friendly, caring, responsive (especially by email) and helpful! As far as I’m concerned, their approach to fertility is right on! One try and one healthy embryo later – I am pregnant!

E. M.
Google Review

The service is phenomenon and very efficient. I work in the city, and I got in to New Hope at 7am and back to work before 8:30am in downtown, so the schedule works perfectly given how often you have to go back for the routine monitoring. We first met with Dr. Zhang who spent a lot of time slowing explaining to us. From my personal experience, I can tell that Dr. Zhang is the top fertility specialist in NYC. He doesn’t try to push as many IVF procedure on patients as possible as claimed by others who commented earlier but rather recommends what he thinks is best for the patient given her current condition, i.e. age, egg quality, other conditions. After reviewing my test results and considering my age, Dr. Zhang recommended the best approach for me is to do 2 cycles of IUI before proceeding to IVF despite both my husband and I were ready to proceed with IVF right away. We decided to follow Dr. Zhang’s recommendation and proceed with IUI and I am now 13 weeks pregnant with the first IUI.

Jane D.
Yelp Review

As an outside monitoring patient, I have had an excellent experience. I knew my chances would be low given my advanced age and I am now on my 7th egg retrieval cycle. The low doses of medication and holistic approach is entirely consistent with the care I received. Dr. Zhang has been available for consultations whenever I requested his advice. Dr.Zhang is a brilliant doctor who is exceptional at completely painless minimally invasive, local anesthesia only retrievals. Nurse Liu and Gao have been notably involved in my care and great at communicating with the doctors. It’s worth the travel from out of town. I’m hoping for success, but having tried other clinics and whether or not it works, I know this was the best NYC fertility clinic for me.

Cristina Chu
Google Review

New hope is the only NYC fertility center that I have been to. Love this place. Because of their professional and very knowledgable doctors My baby boy was born in 2012. I’m almost 40 years old,but the functions of my ovaries is over 45 years old. FSH is always high. All the hormones are not balanced and it’s very hard to predict the time of ovulation. Tried 2 time only 1 egg was retrieved. So I took the change to only fet transfer one egg, ( the only egg) However, they did it at the first shot!! Many thanks to the New Hope NYC fertility clinic. And here I m again to try for the second baby.. And definitely will recommend this NYC ivf clinic to all mother to best!! Don’t give up the hope to become a mother!!! And don’t let any other negative reviews to influence your decision. Go and try to have some experience of your own!!

~Fertility Authority

I am over a year late for this review!!! The best fertility specialists I have ever came across in NYC!!! The front desk staff is always nice and they speak in low tones which shows their professionalism!! Dr. Zhang and his staff were great.. always positive and my baby is almost 1 year old and happy and healthy!! We would not have her if it wasn’t for their help!!!! I am changing my insurance because my old one isn’t accepted anymore so my husband and I can have another baby God willing!!

Chamicqua T.
Yelp Review

The Doctors , RN, lab technician, office staff were all wonderful. They were all very helpful. I am currently 11.5 weeks pregnant. I thank New Hope Fertility Clinic the chance to have a child. They only problem I had was the billing Department. I would write them emails or calls about billing questions and they would never call back with out calling several time.

Rebecca Meskin
Google Review

I have been under infertility IVF treatment for over one year with New Hope and am doing freezing eggs and embryo banking as recommended by fertility doctor Zhang. My experience so far is very positive Dr. Zhang, NYC fertility specialist is very knowledgeable and treats every cycle with individualized care. He really cares about the patient and tries to use the least amount of medicine possible for the best outcome! He is very busy but is always available to answer any questions! It is a bit difficult to talk to the nurses specially if you are an out of NYC patient but once you are at the New York clinic they are all very kind and professional. I would recommend the insemination clinic and NYC infertility doctors to anyone looking for Ivf.

I’ve had a fantastic experience at NHFC! I couldn’t be in better hands.

It runs very efficiently, I’ve never had to wait more than 15 minutes. The staff is friendly and professional. The monitoring results are always emailed same day, I’ve asked nurses many questions and never had any issues with communication.
Dr. Zhang obviously has a lot of patients but he’s been as personally attentive as can be expected, Even call me back to clarified some questions..

Thank you NHFC to help me make my dreams come true !!! I could not be more grateful, Now I am a mom of 2 wonderful sons. TWO success IVF treatments at this NYC fertility clinic.

Google Review

How can I rate with just 5 stars the opportunity they gave me to finally become a mother? While others failed me and turned me away because I would effect their statistics negatively, New Hope gave me a chance. They didn’t give me a cocktail of drugs all the time but took their time in deciphering the issues at hand.
I just delivered my son and with tears streaming, I can say I will be forever grateful to Dr. Zhang along with their staff for making my dream in being a mother a reality.
5 Stars isn’t enough, nor are all the stars in the universe! Thank you New Hope Fertility Center – the best infertility clinic in NYC! I can now step out on Mother’s Day and be proud. ?

Claudia M.
Google Review

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