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IVF & Procedures

IVF & Procedures

Egg Donor & Surrogacy

Egg Freezing &
Fertility Preservation

Egg Freezing & Fertility Preservation

Egg Donor &

PGS/PGD & Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Compassionate Care.

Advanced Treatments.

At New Hope Fertility Center NYC, your success is our first concern. We understand your dream of having a healthy baby and know that the journey to parenthood can be challenging. Our belief is that how you are treated is how we would like to be treated.

Let our family help build yours through unique treatment plans that have been customized to your medical needs. Begin your journey today.


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Why Choose Us?

  • 400 + babies born from eggs frozen at NHFC in New York since 2004.
  • We achieve high success rates with aCGH/PGS genetic screening.
  • Fertility Doctors who advocates of universal blastocyst-embryo testing.
  • New York Fertility Doctors experienced in treating poor responders of all kinds.
  • Our  Mini-IVF™ & Natural IVF treatments are tailored to your body.

Changing Lives Every Day

Success Stories

“My partner and I did a lot of research before we committed to a fertility clinic. We chose NHFC because of their high success rates for women our ages… “ Read More

“We were blessed to become pregnant after just one attempt at IVF and a single embryo transfer.” Read More

“My experience at New Hope Fertility Center was a wonderful one. If it was not for them I would not be holding my baby boy right now, who was born in April.” Read More

The New York IVF Blog

  • Natural Fertility and the Natural IVF
    Natural Fertility and the Natural IVF  A woman’s natural fertility is often an afterthought during fertility treatment.  In traditional fertility treatment methods, large doses of fertility medication are given in order to create enhanced fertility.  While these methods have been successful in the past, recent research demonstrates that more holistic approaches to in vitro fertilization, such as natural ivf, can produce comparable results.   New Hope Fertility Center specializes in providing more holistic options... Read more »

Dr. Zhang’s Blog

  • Pregnancy Success and BMI
    Weight impacts fertility for both men and women.  For both genders, being overweight can significantly reduce a person’s natural fertility. Being overweight can negatively impact hormone levels making ovulation and sperm production difficult. Women who are far above or below ideal body weight are prone to ovulatory dysfunction and subfertility. Weight modulation in these women... Read more: Pregnancy Success and BMI

What’s New at NHFC?

Newly published
By Dr. John Zhang in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology Journal


Mitochondrial DNA Replacement and Nuclear Transfer

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