Congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step in your journey toward growing your family.  New Hope Fertility Center is glad to be your partner throughout your fertility treatment.  You’ll learn that our doctors, nurses and staff are all ready to assist you throughout your treatment.  Our team wants to ensure that you feel comfortable and informed throughout your treatment. To accomplish this, you’ll find that this website provides a wealth of information regarding diagnosing and treating fertility issues.

Patient Education

For most people, learning about their own fertility issues is the first encounter they have with fertility treatment.  Our blog provides regular updates on fertility issues, coping with fertility and educational posts about fertility treatments.  Additionally, our orientation presentation linked below can help you to know what to expect during treatment. The glossary below can also be helpful while learning commonly used fertility terms.


New patients are required to submit forms that provide their identifying information, medical history and insurance information.  Completing this documentation before your first appointment can reduce the amount of time you spend on paperwork.

Press Kit

New Hope Fertility Center is on the cutting edge of fertility care and is routinely seen as an industry leader.  Members of the press can learn more information about New Hope by downloading the press kit below.

Please click on the links below to download patient resources.

Patient Resources

Fertility Education & Useful Fertility Resources

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