Introducing New Hope’s Virtual Clinic!

Looking for innovative IVF services but your local area is a bit limited? Look no further than your front door with New Hope’s Virtual Clinic program! Get online consultation services with our board-certified fertility specialists and receive accessible and affordable IVF treatment no matter your location.

Revolutionary services:

New Hope’s revolutionary treatment is now available anywhere and everywhere online. You can now schedule a virtual consultation with our infertility specialists from your computer, tablet, or phone and monitor locally. After your consultation, our physicians will develop a personalized plan and send treatment directly to your door. Our physicians monitor your treatment virtually and provide ongoing care, allowing you access to New York’s best fertility care from the comfort of home.

How does it work?

1. Virtual Consultation –

Start with a private telehealth consultation with our reproductive specialists. Gain direct access to our doctors and clinical staff despite the distance. Whether you’re 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100+ miles from New Hope, our unique IVF plans and custom care are available to you.

2. Testing –

Complete necessary testing at a local lab or clinic near you. Our New Hope team will work with you to locate a testing and monitoring location and partner with them to access your results.

3. Results and Treatment Plan –

Our team will analyze the results and schedule a follow-up telehealth appointment to go over your results, treatment plan, billing, and more.

4. Cycle Medication and Outside Monitoring –

All of your fertility medications will be shipped to you by a specialty pharmacy recommended by our staff. *You may choose to pick up your medication from a local pharmacy. Monitor in your local area with your OBGYN, testing lab, or local clinic.

5. IVF Procedures –

All procedures including egg retrieval and transfer are completed at our Columbus Circle location in New York City! Meet our staff in person, gain access to our extensive lab, and enjoy New York’s various attractions in your downtime.


Why New Hope?

New Hope Fertility Center is the home to world-renowned fertility specialists. We custom design fertility for the individual to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. We believe in putting the patient first and holding their hand through the fertility journey. If you want compassionate fertility care, New Hope is the right place for you. Call us at (212) 517-7676 or visit our website to schedule an initial consultation today!