Does IVF have you feeling fatigued?

Here are some ways to relieve that.

Fertility medications used in IVF cycles alter women’s hormone levels. A common side effect of IVF medication is fatigue. Fatigue is also exacerbated by the depression, stress, and anxiety a woman experiences with infertility struggles. As fatigue is inevitable for women undergoing IVF, here are some ways to help your fatigue.

Stages of IVF that cause Fatigue:

An IVF patient’s fatigue is most prominent during the following stages of her fertility journey:

  1. Ovulation Stimulation and Egg Release: Fertility medications are used to stimulate a woman’s ovaries and encourage the release of mature eggs.
  2. Embryo Transfer: Progesterone levels are heightened to create and sustain a thick uterine lining necessary for successful embryo implantation. 
  3. Pregnancy Fatigue: During the first few weeks after the embryo transfer, women experience fatigue due to progesterone medication and pregnancy. 

Helpful Fatigue Management Tools:

  • Meditate
  • Exercise in moderation
  • Maintain a nutritious diet
  • Get plenty of quality sleep every night
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day and night 
  • Avoid heavy tasks and ask for help with chores or errands 
  • Take short naps – or just rest – when you feel tired to avoid overwhelming fatigue


Quality sleep is proven to improve your chances of a successful pregnancy. Studies have found that sleep has a powerful influence on a woman’s reproductive hormonal system. Lack of sleep can directly affect your BMI, mood, and stress levels. 

Sleep and BMI:

A healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) is between 18.5 and 24.9. Studies show that not getting enough sleep has a negative impact on your BMI. Women who don’t get enough sleep may experience:

  • Weight gain 
  • Poor food choices 
  • Consuming foods with high-fat content 
  • Consuming foods with low protein 

Sleep and Mood:

Your quantity and quality of sleep are directly connected to your mood. Insomnia increases the risk of developing a mood disorder – especially depression or anxiety. A sleepless night may lead women to be:

  • More irritable 
  • Short-tempered 
  • Stressed out

Sleep and Stress:

Too much stress can cause:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Depression
  • Tension
  • Anxiety 
  • Lack of concentration
  • Apathy 
  • Inadvertent mistakes 

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