Egg Donor Qualifications

The program has strict testing and pre-qualification criteria in order to provide high-quality service to our patients. Donor selection is an arduous process and requires absolute attention to detail in order to ensure safety, reliability, confidence and peace of mind for everybody involved in the process.

Donors fill out a detailed health and family history questionnaire and a high-risk evaluation form. Psychological evaluation and genetic counseling are also required. Below are the other basic qualifications we will look for:

  1. Must be a female between 18-32 years old
  2. Be eligible to stay or work in the USA. Social Security Number is required.
  3. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Attending college or completed degree preferred.
  4. Non-smokers and drug-free
  5. Height and weight proportionate (Body Mass Index must be between 18-29)
  6. Pleasing appearance
  7. No history of HIV, infectious diseases and STDs (even if you have undergone treatment)
  8. No history of genetic diseases
  9. No present use of anti-depressants, tranquilizers and/or mood stabilizers
  10. No tattoos, piercings or acupuncture done in the last 12 months
  11. Mature enough to do daily injections and available to complete screening and donor cycle
  12. Pass day 3 hormone and antral follicle count check

Your photos will help us find you a suitable match. You can download our photo submission requirements.


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