1. Request and obtain medical records from previous providers.
    These include blood work e.g. AMH/FSH/LH/E2/P4, sonogram images, surgical report of uterus/ovaries. (if you are not able to get the records, follow step 2)
  2. Prepare questions you may have regarding your fertility, possible treatment, etc.
  3. Schedule a virtual appointment with your doctorclick to connect with New Hope Fertility Center (For new patients first time consultations over phone/video are complimentary until April )
  4. Start Preparation :
    1: Diet: focus on eating healthy, balanced meals. Don’t make any major or significant changes during this time, like going gluten-free if you weren’t already.
    2: Supplements: such as prenatal vitamins, fish oil, vitamin D,
    3: Exercise: light jogging-hiking-spinning etc.
    4: Quit smoking – smoking decreases fertility in both male and female partners. If you smoke, quitting can help improve your ability to get pregnant.
    5. Get adequate sleep- about 8 hours a day
    6. Drink less alcohol
  5. Include your partner in this journey: If possible, have your partner accompany you to appointments and have your partner do all of the above steps with you. You both will support each other and fully understand every step of the way
  6. Open your AT-HOME IVF KIT and start your journey!!