There are many outside lifestyle habits that can negatively impact your fertility treatment.

IVF treatment success is never 100% guaranteed as it is subject to various factors outside of the treatment plan, some of which rely on the patient themselves. During treatment, it is important to pay attention to the things that can impact your reproductive health as well as that of your partner. See the list we created below!

1. Alcohol and Drugs

If your body is subject to constant substance abuse (drugs or alcohol), there is a heightened risk of early-onset menopause. It calls also results in the production of lower-quality of sperm in men and eggs and women.

This is especially true for smoking. The infertility rates in men and women who smoke are double that of those who do not smoke!

3. HIIT workouts

It is recommended to not engage in heavy exercise while doing IVF treatment, as it is known to affect your hormones responsible for controlling ovulation. Aggressive exercise has also been shown to contribute to a lower number of eggs retrieved per cycle. Exercise is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle so it is recommended during treatment to focus on low-intensity activities like walking and yoga.

4. Cartain food

Food items that are high in calories or carbs should be avoided/minimized as they are proven to drastically reduce sperm production and, in some cases, also impact sperm motility. When planning to conceive, it is advised to lean towards vegetable sources of protein rather than animal protein.

Overall moderation is key and a well-balanced diet is encouraged during IVF.

5. Certain medications

There are certain medications that you might take routinely which can interfere with your fertility drugs or cause a hormonal imbalance. It is best to inform your doctor beforehand of any medicines that you take, including over-the-counter medicines or even anti-allergy pills. Full transparency on all medications is important for treatment!

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