Gender Selection, or family balancing, is available as an unavoidable byproduct of our genetic testing. At the time of PGS/NGS testing, the gender of an embryo will also be identifiable. This information is not disclosed to you unless specifically requested. At the time of your embryo transfer, if multiple embryos were found to be healthy and they happen to have different sexes, then you may be able to request which embryo to have transferred. This would effectively allow you to select the gender of your baby. While the ability to select the gender of your baby is not 100%, if you are interested in this option, please discuss it with our physician at the time of your consultation.

We know that gender is determined by the chromosomes carried by the sperm. While a woman’s egg will contribute an X chromosome to the fertilized embryo, the sperm may contribute an X or a Y. The presence of the Y will create a male baby (XY), while two X’s will produce a girl (XX).

Different techniques exist to assist in this selection. One is Sperm Sorting, however this technique is not practiced at New Hope Fertility Center. Sperm Sorting involves separating individual sperm based on their weight. We understand that sperm carrying X chromosomes has a predictably different weight than sperm bearing a Y chromosome. Thus, technicians may be able to separate out the desired sperm for combination with the hope of creating an embryo of a specific gender. This method is not 100% accurate and thus is not practiced here at New Hope.

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