IVF after 40 – A Mini IVF success story!

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“My initial IVF journey started at 39. I had multiple IVF failures (5) at three different fertility clinics in NYC. I was given high doses of drugs during these cycles, which I responded to well, meaning I produced many follicles; however, shortly after fertilization most of the embryos would arrest and the ones transferred back in me would have a negative result. At 41, discouraged and feeling hopeless, I came across New Hope and was intrigued by their affordable Mini-IVF™ approach. After I met with my doctor, I immediately felt comfortable and hopeful again. He reviewed my medical records from my previous IVF attempts and designed a different protocol for me. Unlike other clinics, New Hope has a customized regimen for each patient, not a cookie-cutter approach. After a couple of cycles, New Hope found what regimen worked best for me. I was given fewer drugs, my embryos were frozen and then transferred back during my natural cycle (at 42). My husband and I now have a beautiful baby boy.” – DC 42 years old

A recurring trend towards delayed parenthood

Women are increasingly delaying motherhood into their late 30s and early 40s.

Most women wait to plan their families later in life because they are more secure in their career and finances than their 20-something counterparts. But after your 20’s time is of the essence. Moving quickly past traditional first-line treatment options – such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) – and going straight to IVF has been proven to increase an older woman’s chances of conceiving.

In the case of older patients– between 38 and 42 – with unexplained infertility, studies favor going straight into IVF treatment due to the likeliness of a lower ovarian reserve. When trying to get pregnant at an older age, timing truly is essential. Women above 38 do not have time to wait and see if natural conception occurs.

Why New Hope?

New Hope Fertility Center is home to world-renowned fertility specialists. We custom design fertility treatments for the individual to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. Our specialists believe in putting the patient first and being with them through every step of the fertility journey. As the first facility to adopt the revolutionary Mini IVF protocol, our team is well versed in helping women of all ages reach their fertility goals. If you want compassionate fertility care, New Hope is the right place for you. Call us at (212) 517-7676 or visit our website to schedule your initial consultation today!