Improving the lives of patients is our mission at New Hope Fertility Center. Our Founder, Dr. John Zhang, has built his career around innovative ways to treat and serve women in their quest for successful pregnancies and optimum reproductive health. A forward-thinking approach combining science and new technology is at the heart of Dr. Zhang’s professional methodology. But Dr. Zhang and the team at NHFC also believe that it is crucial never to lose sight of the human side of medical care. The patient always comes first.

Our highly skilled medical professionals partner with you to receive a customized program in the comfort of home, guiding you step by step. A significant benefit of AT HOME IVF treatment is the reduction of in-office visits by utilizing virtual communication. We eliminate the stress and time spent on appointments, but we remain at your service while you are under our infertility care.

How Does It Work

Our expertly trained medical staff will deliver private at-home visits scheduled by our coordinator. They provide an in-home Sonogram, Phlebotomy (blood drawing), and medication administration if needed. The charge for the Fertility Concierge service can be itemized or included in the package.

Patient First Policy

  • Private
  • Flexible
  • White glove medical support
  • Essential fertility care at home
  • Customized program for every patient
  • Reduction of in-office visits
  • Utilize virtual communication
  • Less stress