A fertility center is a specialized clinical facility staffed by medical professionals that diagnose, treat, and repair reproductive systems for both males and females. A fertility doctor, gynecologist, REI specialist, or other infertility experts, will typically provide numerous treatment options developed around some form of artificial insemination, such as IVFIUI, or even Ovarian Rejuvenation.


When trying to conceive, it’s important that you observe certain core qualities about your preferred fertility center. Clinics should be equipped with the best supportive staff, leading treatment care, expert knowledge, and advanced technology that deliver consistent results. Consider New Hope’s following qualities when choosing your fertility clinic:

  1. Proficient: When handling something as delicate as pregnancy, it’s crucial that the medical team assigned to you possesses expert, confident knowledge procured from decades of hands-on experience. Our specially trained doctors, nurses, and staff have combined their professional histories to produce one of the best infertility teams around.
  2. Individualistic Approach: Fertility specialists at New Hope always put the patient first, and our world-renowned doctors tailor treatments for each individual. Personalized care helps develop a treatment plan more closely aligned with body needs and goals, while simultaneously delivering results on schedule.
  • Advanced Technology: A fertility clinic cannot operate successfully without the latest and greatest in laboratory and testing equipment. At New Hope, we only use methods supported by the most recent advances in artificial insemination and reproductive technologies. From egg freezing to sperm retrieval, our equipment is cutting edge.
  • Success Rates: If all other boxes on your list have been checked, then finding a clinic with high birthing rates shouldn’t be difficult. Regardless of what center you do ultimately choose, their rate of success should be your determining factor. New Hope’s dedication to providing top specialists with the best tools, ensures top success rates.


If you plan on using the list above to determine your fertility center, then choosing New Hope means checking off all those items. As a clinic staffed by leading infertility specialists, we are proud to show off achievements that include over 8,000 births since 2006. Our world-class doctors were instrumental in developing Mini-IVF, a minimally invasive and low-drug form of in-vitro fertilization, that promotes greater fertility and embryo production. Whether you would like to explore IVF treatmentegg freezing, ovarian rejuvenation, embryo banking, or other donor and infertility services, New Hope’s latest technology, expert professionals, dedication to patient well-being, and stellar track record, speak towards our reputation as an industry-recognized fertility center.

With world-class fertility experts and a little hope, your family can start here. Contact our specialists today by calling +1 347-252-9822, or by scheduling your appointment online.

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