Considering adding Ovarian Rejuvenation PRP to your IVF cycle but aren’t sure when its best to do it? We asked one of our leading physicians what they suggest for you!

When during my cycle is Ovarian PRP done?

Ovarian Rejuvenation PRP treatment can be done at multiple points within an IVF or IUI cycle to maximize the chance of success.

Ovarian rejuvenation focuses specifically on using your own platelet “growth factors” to improve egg quality and increase the number of mature follicles during your stimulation cycle. Since the goal is to enhance ovary function, there are key times in a cycle when adding PRP might be beneficial.

After your period before eggs start to grow: 

The first option for when Ovarian PRP can be done in a cycle is directly after your period and before you ovulate. Doing it during this timeframe can show improved follicle count growth and quantity within a week or two, directly benefiting that cycle before retrieval.

During your egg retrieval:

Another popular time to add Ovarian PRP is during the retrieval procedure. This is a good option for patients who want to minimize the number of procedures, especially if they will already be under IV sedation. This would have the best impact on someone who knows they will be doing another cycle soon after their initial retrieval.

Outside of a cycle for natural conception:

The final timeframe for adding in Ovarian Rejuvenation PRP is actually whenever you want! Contrary to popular belief, PRP treatment can be done outside of a cycle as well to promote growth in general and possibly have a positive impact on natural conception. (Dependent on age and cause of infertility)

Does the timeframe PRP is done matter?

Yes and no. It really depends on what you are looking to achieve with your cycle! For some doing the procedure during the egg retrieval might seem pointless because it doesn’t directly help that cycle, but others may prefer it for its ease and comfort. PRP outside of the cycle is harder to monitor but not necessarily ineffective either.

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