Reciprocal IVF allows same-sex female couples to participate biologically and emotionally in a pregnancy. Both partners are integral participants in their child’s conception, pregnancy, and birth.

How does Reciprocal IVF work?
One partner will undergo IVF. Her eggs will then be collected and fertilized with donor sperm of the couples’ choice. The other partner is then impregnated with the resulting embryo and carries the pregnancy full term and gives birth to a baby that is genetically related to her partner.

New Hope Fertility will help couples every step of the way. Our donor program is extremely successful because we use the most cutting-edge cryopreservation technologies. We have helped many couples on their fertility journey. This program guarantees privacy and confidentiality.

The success rates of reciprocal IVF in lesbian couples are at an all-time high. This being because compared to their straight counterparts, they don’t experience the medical difficulties represented in IVF.

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