It’s officially #pridemonth and we want to use these next few weeks to highlight all of the amazing family planning resources that are available for LGBTQ patients looking to build their families!

What makes a family?

Whether you’re trying to conceive now or later, there is not a one size fits all family dynamic. At New Hope, we believe there’s only one right way to build a family…your way! There is no room for bias or prejudice in the fertility community because everyone deserves the opportunity to become parents.

What options are available to me?

For Lesbian Couples

  1. Intrauterine insemination (IUI): An IUI cycle involves either following a woman’s natural ovulation or taking oral medication for a certain timeframe to stimulate follicle growth. We use bloodwork and ultrasounds to determine the precise date the IUI should take place.
  2. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): An IVF cycle includes about two weeks of oral or injectable medications. We then fertilize the egg with your known or anonymous donor sperm. Embryos can either be transferred to the female whose eggs were used for fertilization or to the partner ( this is reciprocal IVF).

*These treatments can be done with either a known or anonymous donor sperm.

For Gay Couples

Currently, the fertility option for gay men is IVF through Surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy IVF: Through IVF, a known or anonymous egg donor is stimulated to extract eggs. The eggs are then fertilized in the lab by the male patient or his partner’s sperm. The fertilized embryos are then transferred to a gestational carrier to carry the pregnancy.

For Transgender Patients

During the process of transitioning, there are several factors to consider that can affect your fertility future and your ability to conceive later in life. It is encouraged for any patient considering a transition, either surgical or chemical, to consider preserving their fertility first. Freezing sperm or eggs prior to transitioning will provide you with a wider variety of treatment options.

  • Sperm Freezing – involves freezing sperm cells from ejaculated or testicular extraction for fertility preservation prior to feminine transitioning hormone therapy for trans-women.
  • Egg Freezing –  involves freezing egg cells by undergoing IVF treatment for fertility preservation prior to masculine transitioning hormone therapy for trans-men.

Why New Hope?

New Hope Fertility Center is home to world-renowned fertility specialists. We custom design fertility treatments for the individual to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. Our specialists believe in putting the patient first and being with them through every step of the fertility journey. Our team is well versed in helping women of all ages reach their fertility goals and we are passionate about educating, and supporting our patients throughout their journey. If you want compassionate fertility care, New Hope is the right place for you. Call us at (347) 970-8479 or schedule your initial consultation today!