You may have heard other fertility clinics, websites, or even friends use the term “Light IVF” when talking about treatment and wondered if this protocol is new or similar to others out there? We are here to let you know that Light IVF is another name for minimal stimulation treatment like Mini IVF!

Light IVF aka Mini IVF

Light IVF is an alternative to traditional in vitro fertilization that uses reduced amounts of fertility medication.  Also known as minimal stimulation, or Mini IVF, Light IVF uses a woman’s natural fertility as a foundation for fertility care.  Rather than prescribing large doses of fertility medication, Minimal Stimulation protocols like Light IVF and Mini IVF prescribe only the level of medication needed to promote the growth and maturation of three to five eggs.

The eggs that are developed through this protocol are typically healthier and better suited for fertilization than their traditional counterparts, which increases the overall success rates of the procedure.  Additionally, embryos that result from minimal stimulation protocols are more likely to result in live births in women with diminished ovarian reserve and patients over 35!

During a light in vitro fertilization cycle:

  • Each woman is monitored closely with blood work and ultrasound.
  • At the appropriate time, you will be instructed to take Clomid, an oral fertility medication.
  • Once the body is ready, you may be prescribed between one and three doses of Menopur, an injectable fertility medication.
  • A nasal spray may also be prescribed to induce ovulation.
  • Once the eggs have reached optimal maturation, they will be retrieved during an outpatient procedure.
  • The retrieved eggs are then fertilized in our laboratory using your partner’s or donor sperm.
  • The resulting embryo is then transferred directly back into the uterus.

In the event of surplus embryos, we suggest they be frozen and stored using vitrification.

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