If you live in the United States and are considering surrogacy to conceive, domestic surrogacy is considered the safest and most reliable option compared to surrogacy abroad. Not only does it make travel and communication easier, but the laws regulating surrogacy in the U.S. are well-enforced and recognized by domestic surrogacy professionals and lawmakers.

In the U.S., many states now allow a surrogate to receive proper financial reimbursement for pregnancy-related expenses and services. Other countries do not, which can quickly create problems for both the intended parents and surrogates. For whatever reason, if you decide to look outside of the US and consider international surrogacy, you’ll need to factor in laws that restrict surrogacy for single parents or homosexual couples, as well as the complications of exchange rates and other various laws that may block you from successfully working with your intended surrogate.

Surrogacy Abroad

Whether you live in the United States or another country, you may still want to explore international surrogacy as a parenthood option. It’s certainly a possibility, but there are some important aspects of overseas surrogacy you should be aware of before moving forward.

Surrogacy Laws vary by country.

In many countries outside of the United States, surrogacy is highly controversial. This is especially true in countries where it is not properly regulated and laws are easily misinterpreted by both parties. It’s important that you only consider countries where surrogacy is 100% legal for international parents to not only protect yourself and the surrogate but your baby as well.

The international surrogacy agency that you choose should be experienced in the laws of the country you’re working in, and you should also seek out a lawyer in that country who frequently completes surrogacies. Don’t forget: If you’re in a country where you don’t speak the language, you’ll also need to hire a certified translator.

  • Surrogacy in India and surrogacy in Thailand are now restricted to citizens.
  • Surrogacy in China and Cambodia is completely outlawed.
  • Surrogacy in Australia, surrogacy in the U.K., surrogacy in Canada, and many other countries only allow altruistic surrogacy. Compensated surrogacy is illegal in many countries.

Because the United States allows anyone to complete the surrogacy process and allows for compensated surrogacy, it’s become the top destination for international surrogacy.

Surrogate Compensation

One of the reasons why international surrogacy is seen as controversial is because of surrogate compensation. Some countries do not allow for compensation given to a surrogate and, even for those that do, there are things to consider legally and ethically.

For women in many countries, becoming a surrogate provides a life-changing opportunity to better their financial situation because of the high compensation rates. However, critics are concerned that women in low-income situations are essentially forced to choose surrogacy as a way to escape poverty. Because of this, many countries in Europe and Asia have begun to heavily restrict or outlaw surrogacy.

Surrogacy Travel and Overall Costs

Many intended parents around the world are motivated to complete an international surrogacy because it is less of a financial hardship. While this may initially sound better, international surrogacy usually costs more than the quoted price with travel and exchange rates. This is in addition to the costs associated with bringing the child home — how are parental rights legally protected, will the child be a citizen of both countries, and do you need to acquire additional visas or passports? For this, a surrogacy lawyer is essential and can help you understand the process and laws in detail.

Finding a reliable surrogate agency

  1. Check the agency’s history, level of experience, and reviews
  2. There should be a screening process for both surrogates and intended parents
  3. Check their matching system and criteria
  4. Make sure they are upfront about expected surrogate compensation and that money is only transferred in secure formats
  5. Only work with clinics that require each party to have accurate legal representation

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