Whether you are a donor, a current IVF patient, or a past IVF patient, you may have wondered at some point how long your eggs/embryos can stay frozen. The short answer is quite simple – as long as you want!

The science behind egg/embryo freezing:

The freezing process starts with the vitrification technique, most commonly used to cryopreserve your eggs and embryos. Through vitrification and modern technology, eggs and embryos can be successfully stored for decades and used later to achieve pregnancy. It is important to note with general lab attrition rates, not all eggs and embryos survive the thawing process. This is a natural occurrence and happens to all patient’s eggs and embryos.

The vitrification process involves dehydrating the eggs and replacing their fluid with what is essentially “antifreeze” (This does not harm the egg or embryos). This fluid prevents ice crystals from forming that could damage the oocytes when they are thawed. The eggs and embryos are then frozen and stored at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius.

Available research indicates that freezing and storing eggs and embryos do not reduce the quality of the specimen no matter the length of freezing!

  • There have also been over 300,000 children born worldwide from frozen embryos using primarily slow-freeze  cryopreservation techniques
  • Eggs/Embryos when frozen properly can stay frozen almost indefinitely
  • Studies show no increase in birth defects or genetic defects with frozen eggs

Why preserve your fertility?

As women age, they may feel pressured to start a family to avoid the risk of trouble trying to conceive later on. By egg freezing, women can focus on other areas of their lives without sacrificing the chance to have a family. Women are born with all of the eggs they will ever have. These eggs gradually mature and ovulate over their lifetime.

Years of aging and environmental damage will decrease the egg quality over time. It is not as difficult for women to get pregnant after 40 as long as the egg being used is younger and healthier. Freezing young, healthy eggs can eliminate the pressure of family planning while you focus on your career and personal life.

Nothing compares to the peace of mind that comes from knowing your eggs will always be there if and when you need them in the future to build a family. Fertility preservation through techniques like egg freezing allows women to not compromise their current wants and needs in favor of having children before their ready.

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