June is Pride Month. 

We want to celebrate Pride Month by showing you all the ways New Hope can create, expand or complete your families.

New Hope would like to share all of the fertility options we offer for the LGBTQ+ community. The mission of our fertility specialists is to consistently share their expertise and counsel with the LGBTQ+ community – with trust and compassion. 

We believe that every person has the right to have a family of their own. This has been our mission statement since 2004 – the year New Hope Fertility Center was founded in New York City. 

What New Hope can Offer You!: 

We are renowned worldwide for providing cutting-edge LGBTQ+ family planning options to our same-sex patients. As the most compassionate fertility clinic in NYC, we steadfastly pursue our mission of reducing the physical, emotional, and financial toll of every LGBTQ+ patient during their quest to have a baby.

New Hope is a judgment-free zone:

  • No sexual orientation judgments 
  • No gender or transgender bias 
  • No personal or religious judgments 
  • No judgments toward interracial couples 
  • No judgments about marital status

LGBTQ+ Fertility Treatment Options:

There are a number of fertility treatments available for LGBTQ+ couples and individuals who are seeking to build a family.  These treatments include:

  • IUI – Intrauterine Insemination, also known as artificial insemination, places donor sperm directly into a woman’s uterus at the time she is ovulating. 
  • Surrogacy – Gestational carriers may be used when a couple is unable to carry a pregnancy on their own.  Gestational carriers are not biologically related to the child.
  • IVF – IVF treatment is used with surrogacy as well as to treat infertility if IUI is unsuccessful or not an option medically.
  • Donor Sperm – Donor sperm may also be used to address various concerns.  Sperm donors may be selected on criteria including physical characteristics, family history, and education.
  • Donor Eggs – Donor eggs can be used to address a number of concerns.  Potential parents can select a donor based on a number of criteria to find a donor that is perfect for their needs.

Regardless of the gender combination of LGBTQ+ couples – or singles wanting to be a solo parent – the process of selecting donor eggs or donor sperm has been substantially streamlined for our patients’ ease.

We offer world-class – yet affordable – support packages for the selection of donor eggs and donor sperm. Our donor program is extremely successful because we use the most cutting-edge cryopreservation and IVF technologies.


LGBTQ+ couples often benefit from IUI or IVF.

IUI is the process of preparing a concentrated amount of sperm and inserting it directly into the woman’s uterus – coinciding with ovulation. IUI may be performed with or without the use of fertility medication depending on the patient’s needs.

IVF is the process of growing and surgically retrieving a woman’s eggs, fertilizing them in vitro, and then returning a healthy embryo to the uterus for implantation. IVF is done when there is a medical issue preventing fertilization or if IUI is unsuccessful.

Surrogate Mothers:

Gay men who are looking to start a family can do so through gestational surrogacy, the use of a surrogate mother, and a donor egg.

Here at New Hope, we have coordinators that help male gay couples find their perfect surrogate mother. Today’s surrogate mothers are gestational carriers, meaning that they are not biologically related to the child they are carrying. Typically, a donor egg is fertilized by one of the partner’s sperm and then the resulting embryo is transferred to the surrogate’s uterus for implantation. The gestational surrogate then carries the pregnancy to full term.

Why New Hope?

New Hope Fertility Center is home to world-renowned fertility specialists. We custom-design fertility treatments for the individual to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. Our specialists believe in putting the patient first and being with them through every step of the fertility journey. Our team is well-versed in helping women of all ages reach their fertility goals and we are passionate about educating, and supporting our patients throughout their journey. If you want compassionate fertility care, New Hope is the right place for you. Call us at (347) 970-8479 or schedule your initial consultation today!