When you’re trying to get pregnant, every month can seem like a lifetime. But it might be helpful to know that only a fraction of couples will get pregnant on the very first cycle, and many people take months – or even years – to conceive.

Your likelihood of conception each month can be influenced by several factors. One of the big ones is your chance of pregnancy by age, with a direct correlation between your age and your probability of becoming pregnant in any given cycle.

So what can you expect when trying to conceive? Keep reading for a quick breakdown of your chances of getting pregnant naturally, with IUI, or IVF based on your age. 

Pregnancy Success Rates by Age

As more people delay trying to get pregnant until later in life, it’s essential to understand the connection between age and fertility. That’s because eggs and reproductive organs like the ovaries age just as we do, resulting in a decreased chance of pregnancy by age 30 and older.

While every situation is unique, here’s a look at pregnancy rates by age for women who conceive naturally and those who pursue IUI or IVF fertility treatments.  

Chances of Getting Pregnant Naturally – Success Rates by Age

Barring any reproductive health issues, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine cites the chances of a natural conception every single month as follows:

  • 25% for those under the age of 30
  • 20% for those aged 30-34
  • 15% for those aged 35-39
  • 5% for those aged 40+

Remember that male fertility also declines with age but with less predictability. 

Chances of Getting Pregnant with IUI – Success Rates by Age

Your chances of getting pregnant with IUI intervention are also impacted by age. 

IUI (intrauterine insemination) is a standard first-course fertility treatment for those struggling to get pregnant naturally. For the procedure, a partner’s sperm is collected, washed, and inserted directly into the uterus at the time of ovulation using a small catheter, ensuring that the egg and sperm are given a chance to meet at the right moment. 

A study published in the journal Reproductive BioMedicine Online established the following statistics regarding IUI success rate by age and cycle:

  • 13% chance per cycle for those under the age of 35
  • 10% chance per cycle for those aged 35-37
  • 7% chance per cycle for those aged 38-40
  • 4% per cycle for those aged 40+

Chances of Getting Pregnant IVF – Success Rates by Age

IVF (in-vitro fertilization) is a more expensive and generally more invasive procedure than IUI, but it also tends to result in a higher chance of success at each cycle. 

During IVF, eggs and sperm are collected from respective partners, and an egg is fertilized in a laboratory before being introduced back into the uterus. Unfertilized eggs may be frozen for future use, and individuals may choose to have eggs genetically tested prior to fertilization to increase their potential for success further.

IVF success rates by age are as follows, based on data from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART):

  • 54% chance per cycle for those under the age of 35
  • 40% chance per cycle for those aged 35-37
  • 26% chance per cycle for those aged 38-40
  • 8% chance per cycle for those aged 40+

Get Help on Your Fertility Journey

When it comes to your chances of getting pregnant by age, chart data can only tell you so much. Your chances of conceiving naturally are highly dependent on your unique reproductive health factors, of which age is only a single factor among many. Likewise, IUI and IVF success rates can vary based not only on age but also on the clinic you pursue treatment and the quality of care you receive. 

Women over the age of 35 and who have had difficulties getting or staying pregnant may want to consult a fertility doctor to learn about their treatment options. At New Hope Fertility, we are highly committed to ensuring that all of our patients get the dedicated support they need to increase their chances of conception each month. 

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