2019 marks the launch of the AT HOME IVF KIT by New Hope Fertility Center. This groundbreaking approach to infertility treatment is a game-changing path to pregnancy. By utilizing NHFC’s MINI IVF protocol as its base, the AT HOME IVF KIT puts the power directly into the patient’s hands. The AT HOME IVF KIT serves as an innovative new way for women to not only take an active part in their fertility treatment but also as a highly effective and safe method for achieving a successful pregnancy. This forward-thinking strategy combines the best of science, technology, and infertility care in support of the patient and her quest for a healthy baby and optimum reproductive health care.

Every kit includes the MINI IVF medication: Clomiphene & Letrozole oral pills to induce ovulation, Orilissa oral pills to prevent premature ovulation, Synarel nasal spray, and ovulation prediction testers.

How Does It Work

The AT HOME IVF KIT takes about 12-16 days to complete before egg retrieval. Because there is minimal medication and little to no injections, the process can be managed effectively from home or wherever the patient may be with less stress and minimal pain.


The AT HOME IVF KIT is ideal for women with regular menstrual periods and women who suffer from PCOS. It is also a gentle and effective solution for women age 32 – 42 who may need a little help to get pregnant. Very often, women who have been having regular unprotected sex with their partner for a year or so and haven’t gotten pregnant can benefit from the minimal stimulation protocol of MINI IVF. This medication is designed specifically to achieve a successful pregnancy without a more aggressive IVF protocol.