Can Acupuncture Increase Pregnancy Success?

If you are planning to get pregnant soon and are proactively seeking non-traditional, holistic therapies to increase your chances of conceiving, consider trying acupuncture. 

For centuries, acupuncture has been used in Chinese medicine as a holistic therapy to increase fertility. 


Acupuncture Can Enhance Your Fertility:

Acupuncture is a Chinese practice where thin needles are inserted into specific points of the body to stimulate blood flow to that area. 

Here are some benefits of acupuncture for fertility:

  • Balances hormones 
  • Enhances ovarian function
  • Increases blood flow to reproductive organs
  • Reduces stress during IVF treatment 
  • Overall stabilization of the endocrine system

A recent study shows that you can increase your chance of a successful pregnancy by up to 42% by beginning acupuncture treatment three months before your IVF transfer. Women who do not undergo acupuncture before their IVF transfer only had a 26% chance of pregnancy success. 


Other Acupuncture Holistic Benefits:

Acupuncture also helps to correct medical problems that hinder a woman’s fertility. 

  • Weight loss
  • Regulated FSH 
  • Improved egg quality 
  • Reduced rate of miscarriage 
  • Improved thyroid-related infertility 
  • Improved full-term pregnancy success 
  • Improved implantation success rate – conception 
  • Reduced stress and improved mental clarity/overall wellness 


Acupuncture Embryo Transfer Plan:

To improve chances of successful implantation and pregnancy, this is the recommended acupuncture plan while undergoing the embryo transfer process:

  • The morning of embryo transfer
  • The afternoon following embryo transfer
  • 5 days after embryo transfer


Customized IVF Treatment:

Since every patient’s personal, medical, and financial needs are different, we offer customized IVF treatment for all of our patients.


New Hope Can Help You: 

It is important to work with a fertility team having the research and clinical experience required to design a customized fertility treatment plan meeting your personal needs. 

Here at New Hope, our world-renowned fertility specialists will guide you through the most successful path. To schedule your intial consultation with fertility preservation experts, call us at (212) 517-7676 or visit our website.