Due to irregular cycles associated with endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), I have difficulty getting pregnant. My husband also suffers from a low sperm count and bad quality sperm, which only adds to our trouble conceiving. My husband saw two urologists who both concluded he could not have a biological child due to his sperm issues. In an effort to help us, my OBGYN performed artificial insemination twice, but we were still unsuccessful. After more than ten years of trying to get pregnant with no luck, we finally decided to seek help from fertility specialists.

I found New Hope Fertility Center through my insurance company and made an appointment. I decided I wanted to get more information about this particular fertility clinic, so I visited their website. Upon discovering New Hope’s clinical trial offering, I completed the survey, which returned saying my husband and I qualified. We quickly did all the blood tests and went in for our visit.

I got very familiar with New Hope since I had to be there several times a week. When we first walked into the center, we were welcomed with relaxing scents, fresh flower arrangements and a gorgeous fish tank. As we waited, we were guided to watch the flat screen and could even grab a snack by the receptionist or talk to one of the staffers.

Before beginning my IVF treatment, the doctor told me I had to lose 25 pounds and get healthy. This wasn’t easy, but I got it done. We were in the Mini-IVF™ cycle group of the study, which meant less medication. I responded well to the medication, but when it was time for retrieval I had a business trip and had to postpone. I had to start my cycle all over again which resulted in several cysts, so we took time off to give my body a break.

The entire IVF process took six months from our first visit to our positive pregnancy test. It was not an easy journey. At times, it was emotionally and physically challenging, but it was worth every second, every needle prick, and every visit to the clinic. After implanting a single embryo, we were blessed with two babies – our little miracles! We may even go back to New Hope Fertility Center for another baby in a year or two.

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