My husband and I live in Arizona, so it was a true commitment when we chose a fertility clinic in New York City. From the very first time we walked through the doors of New Hope Fertility Center, I knew we had chosen the right place to get pregnant. We were greeted with a comfortable waiting area decorated in fresh flowers and a big flat screen to keep us busy as we waited, which was never long at all considering the waiting room was always full.

The New Hope Fertility Center team also eased the nerves that often accompanied us with every visit. Dr. Zhang is pleasant and extremely brilliant, and after our first consult with him, my husband and I were very pleased. He took the time to answer any and all questions we had for him despite being the busiest man in the clinic!

The other members of the New Hope team were also extremely helpful; everyone from the staff, who assisted us with everything before my trip to New York and all my follow-ups, to the receptionist at the front desk, who always wore a smile on her face and pointed us in the right direction. The nurses, sonogram technicians, and medical assistants were all very friendly, too, and we never had any problems.


My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for about 2 years and were not successful. I consulted my gynecologist about it. After some basic screenings, my doctor did not find anything out of the ordinary and suggested that I see a specialist. During my annual visit, my gynecologist suggested that I research about New Hope Fertility Center. We looked at the clinic and decided to schedule our first visit.

My treatment was called Mini-IVF™. Though it was time-consuming with many clinic visits and blood tests, the treatment went very smoothly. The doctors and medical staff at New Hope were all very friendly, helpful, and willing to answer any questions we had. I felt relaxed throughout the whole process. My husband and I were lucky that I could get pregnant after our first try. Our healthy baby girl was born in February, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.


We are a young, active, healthy couple who dreamed of starting a family. Like many people, my husband and I anticipated that we would become pregnant in a few short months and have a baby in our lives very soon; however, things did not go as planned.

After 8 unsuccessful months of trying to get pregnant, we consulted a local doctor. We had several tests done and even took some oral medications to help with infertility. After 4 more unsuccessful months, we had an IUI procedure in Kansas City that was also unsuccessful. We were both upset, and our year of trying was turning out to be an emotional experience.

We knew we needed IVF with ICSI to give us the best chance at becoming pregnant. We wanted to receive treatment at a clinic that had a great record of taking on difficult infertility cases and helping couples fulfill their dream of pregnancy.

We searched online and found New Hope Fertility Center in New York. After researching their treatment plans and success rates, it was an easy decision for us even though we were from out of state.


The best day of my life was when my twins were born. My husband and I were trying to have a baby for five years before going to New Hope Fertility Center. I was a bit intimidated by the IVF process, but New Hope made us feel very comfortable from day one.

The amazing New Hope team really took the time to thoroughly explain each step and answered any questions we had throughout our pregnancy journey. The staff made our experience with the IVF process comfortable, always patient and always available to explain anything we wanted to know.

The whole IVF process went smoothly and I got pregnant after my first IVF cycle at New Hope. For anyone thinking about fertility care, I urge you to check out New Hope Fertility Center; they truly changed our lives! Our twins have brought so much love and joy to our family, and when we decide to try for a second child, we plan on going back to New Hope.

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