Male Factor Infertility

One of the largest misconceptions about fertility treatment is that fertility issues are a female issue.  However, male infertility is just as likely to be a contributing factor to a couple’s difficulty while trying to conceive. New Hope Fertility Center’s team of experts includes physicians who specialize address male fertility issues.    A thorough approach, dedication to clinical excellence and personalized treatment make New Hope the best option for male fertility care.  Our dedication to ensuring all of our patients receive the best care helps to achieve high success rates.

Testing for Male Factor Infertility

Testing for male fertility issues begins with a semen analysis.  The sample may be provided in our office or at a nearby location and transported to our offices.  Once received, the semen sample is tested to check a man’s sperm count, percentage of abnormal sperm and to monitor the movement of the sperm.  This simple test provides a wealth of information about a man’s fertility and allows our fertility specialists to create a specialized treatment plan.

Treating Male Factor Infertility

Advancements in the field of fertility treatment provide a number of options for men with fertility issues. Specifically, IVF using ICSI can address many issues with fertilization. Our fertility care team works with each patient to create a treatment plan that meets the exact needs of each of our patients.

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