Fertility Support Groups

Support-GroupsMany people hesitate to join support groups. Some believe support groups are related to psychological therapy sessions and do not want to see therapists and be “evaluated.” Others do not want to reveal personal or intimate information about their lives. The truth is, these issues are simply common misconceptions that often obscure the true purpose of support groups.

A support group serves as a place to talk to other people, just like you, about an intense experience like infertility. There will be no interrogation and you will not be forced to reveal any information that you do want to. The group will provide you with support and ways to relieve your pain and disappointment with infertility. You will learn new methods of coping to be able to move forward.

There may be times throughout your experience with infertility that you will want to discuss options with other people who understand and know what you are experiencing. Your partner as well as most of your friends probably cannot relate to you. They simply do not understand if they have not dealt with the same obstacles. This is when an infertility support group is most beneficial. A support group is full of people who do understand. You can discuss infertility with people who have been through circumstances like yours and talk to them about how to make difficult decisions, new procedures or how to deal with loss.

It is perfectly natural for women dealing with infertility to desire communication with someone that they can relate to. If you are feeling lonely, isolated or that no one in your life really understands, a support group may be right for you. If infertility is affecting your work, career or life, an infertility support group may be the answer.

We hope to begin offering three different support groups to address to every person’s specific needs as closely as possible. We want to surround you with people that truly understand what you are going through. There is a group for women who have never had children, a group for women who have previously been fertile and who are seeking treatment in order to have another child, and a group to address the needs of women considering egg or embryo donation.

Each group is led by nationally recognized expert on all aspects of infertility, Dr. Allison Rosen. We are proud to have Dr. Rosen in our team. She will be there to help guide the infertility support group and provide all the assistance you need.

Dr. Rosen and the infertility support group will help you cope with isolation, negative feelings, and self-esteem issues. It is alright to receive help or support from others. Infertility is a difficult thing to overcome. There are women just like you who will understand you and can share in your experience. It will help you find a way to let go of the pain and live your life.

If you are interested in finding support resources or have any questions about the New Hope Fertility Support Groups, please contact us at supportgroup@nhfc.com