“One Good Egg” Policy

New Hope Fertility Center is different. To reduce the frustrations associated with conventional fertility care, we are pleased to introduce our One-Good-Egg Policy. At New Hope Fertility, we don’t refuse care based on a woman’s age, FSH levels, or number of follicles (potential eggs) produced each cycle.

We understand that every woman is different and customize each patient’s treatment plan based on their overall evaluation and unique fertility history.

We welcome everyone to New Hope Fertility. It is quality that matters, not quantity, and it only takes one good egg for a healthy baby!

At New Hope Fertility Center, we have a different approach to fertility care.  Our focus is not on the quantity of eggs retrieved during a cycle.  Having a large number of eggs means nothing if they are not suitable for fertilization.  Instead, our main goal is to help women to produce healthy eggs.  By focusing on quality, we are able to achieve high success rates for a number of our patients, including those who are turned away from treatment elsewhere. Our dedication to quality can be seen in our One Good Egg Policy.

One Good Egg Policy Explained

Simply put, in order for a woman to become pregnant and have a healthy baby, all that is required is one good egg and one healthy sperm.  When egg quality is high there is no need for a large quantity of eggs.  Because of this focus we are able to accept women for treatment who:

  • Have high FSH levels
  • Are unable to produce a large number of eggs during a single cycle
  • Do not respond well to fertility medication
  • Are at an advanced age for fertility

By treating each of our patients as individuals we are able to create treatment plans that address their specific needs.  Often, this means reducing the amount of fertility medication used in order to increase egg quality.  Our more holistic, personalized treatment plans allow for high success rates without the use of large quantities of fertility medications.   We believe that every woman should have access to fertility care to help her achieve her dreams of motherhood.   Our One Good Egg Policy reminds all of us that the quality of a woman’s eggs matters most and that it only takes one good egg for a healthy baby.

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