Hui Liu, MD, Ph.D., MSc


hui lui senior embriologist
Doctor Hui Liu is an internationally recognized Reproductive Scientist and Embryologist. He serves as the Chief Scientist and Senior Embryologist to New Hope Fertility, contributing significantly to the development of Pronuclear Transfer techniques including GV Transfer, MII Spindle transfer, and PN transfer.

Doctor Liu graduated from Xi’an Medical College (now Xi’an Jiao-tong University School of Medicine) in 1985 and was a practicing physician for two years. He received his master’s degree from the College of Life Science in Beijing Agriculture University (China Agriculture University), after which, he investigated gamete maturation and fertilization (activation) and embryo development in mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and giant pandas from 1990 to 1998, becoming an Associate Researcher at State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Biology, Institute of Zoology of Chinese Academy Sciences.

As a Research Scientist at the New York University Program for In Vitro Fertilization, Reproductive Surgery and Infertility from 1998 to 2008, Hui Liu developed nuclear transfer techniques and his work was recognized and awarded by ASRM in 1999 and 2000. He then joined New Hope Fertility Center as a Senior Research Scientist, where he continues to develop the technique of nuclear transfer for human reproduction and has established a reliable system for the transfer of human oocyte GV and MII spindle. In addition, he has found direct evidence of the safety of human pronuclear transfer. His findings were presented at the ASRM Annual Meeting in 2015, in Baltimore, MD.

As a Senior Embryologist at New Hope Fertility Center, Hui Liu has introduced multiple techniques in routine IVF practice, including spindle view to evaluate oocyte maturity and quality, laser-assisted ICSI to improve the rate of fertilization, assisted activation to rescue activation of incompetent oocytes, and application of early development of embryos cultured in EmbryoScope to predict the potential of embryonic development.